June 19 Preseason game 2 @ WPG

Is this game being streamed too?

If the Clevelands and GoldenStates don't go 7 games will it be on TSN?

lil help?

As far as I know it will not be on TSN - even if there is no NBA Game 7. They would at the last minute have to arrange a production truck, fly in announcers, production team etc. - so that's not going to happen for a preseason game.

As for live streaming. That is likely up to the Bombers if they want to do something similar to what the Cats did and combine their radio crew with the pictures from their in stadium video board production team and stream it. So far nothing to indicate they plan on doing that.

I don't think there is a Bombers TV like the TiCats have
The streaming was done in conjunction with Stadium Digital, a subsidiary of the TiCats Organization
It is run by Caretaker, Scott Mitchell, Mark Silver and Dayton Pereria a very impressive upper Management
This is where the World Class in "World Class Stadium" comes into play

You really should Check it out.
Read the Bio's on Mark Silver and Dayton Pereria


so just 1150?

also that was pretty neat grover

I don’t know about anyone else, but I listened to the 1150 internet broadcast and the audio was craptastic. It literally sounded like the sound was coming out of a cheap transistor radio, and not high-end computer speakers…

When does 1150 turn into a sports station. They are still playing church music all day :lol:

According to the original news release "they will rebrand this Fall" and "the current format through the Summer."