June 17

Its about time to start rallying the troops for the big night this weekend. After being at the pre-season game at Rogers centre and being disgusted by the use of the jumbotron I’m ready to be loud and proud for my tiger cats. And Im not talking solely about the Joe Theisman ordeal, that was bad enough, but the clip depicting hamiltonians as trashy, mullet wearing yokels with special needs was uncalled for. They will probably play it again for the home opener and I think an apt response from the hamilton crowd should be our stand by Argos S***, and cap it off with a ticat win. I think its kind of rediculous that we argue whether we should even use the “forbidden phrase” because it might offend the Argo supporters/organization, yet they can have free wheel to offend my home town and my team… and remember its all in good fun as part of a rivalry that is the backbone of football in southern ontario.

maybe u need to keep that in mind when the jumbotron is on!

I agree with Marchie. I think we all have to show up in full force on Saturday and show our support. I was also at the pre-season game and found that some of the "Stunts" that the Argo's were pulling off on the Jumbotron to be very insulting. But it is all in good rivalry, so argo fans can't say anything when we use the forbidden chant. I've found Argo fans to be getting disrespectful and angry towards ticat fans lately (the last couple of years anyway). Before when you use to go to Skydome, the rivalry was all in good nature, now some fans get angry and threaten violence...not sure what that's about.

(Marchie) and remember its all in good fun as part of a rivalry that is the backbone of football in southern ontario.
I'm with drummer god on this one. Lets not be duped by some of the garbage remarks on the Argo Jumbotron and there should be no need to resort to violence with any of the Argo fans. Lets just be there and support our Ti-cats and leave the nonsense to the idiots in To who support and enjoy this sort of thing. As Ti-cat fans, I think we should rise above this nonsense.

I will be in attendance to watch Corey and the rest of the Ticats win the game. Other antics don't really interest me other than the game

just for the record, I never stated that i was going to resort to violence. Sec29guy seems to know what I was saying. My point is that we can debate to the "-nth" degree whether we should be allowed to use the forbidden chant trying not to offend the argo supporters and such, yet the folk in toronto seem to not care if they offend the hamilton crowd. I never once stated that I was out for blood or revenge, I was simply saying that Im going to tell the argo crowd that I think their team has an affinity for suction, regardless of whether it may seem offensive or not to some fans. And the comment that it is all in good rivalry is referring to the fact that most fans enjoy a good razzing from the opponents as it makes the experience fun for everyone.

then how come u care when the argos make fun of the ticat-fans, yet your fine with yelling argos suck?

it seems fans enjoy a good 'razzing' except yourself.

personally, im fine with both.

If you actually read what I had said is that a good razzing IS fun, and that its what makes going to the games fun for EVERYONE… I include myself with everyone, and I do enjoy a good razzing from the “other side.” But do it all in good fun, not by insulting people as the message sent through the jumbotron add had successfully accomplished

I love it when Argo fans chant Ticats $uck. At least it shows they are into the game, the team and the rivalry. Most times argo fans are completely indifferent and sit on their hands, that's why Rogers Centre is so booooorrriiiinnnnggggg most of the time.

and DG, no offense, but why do you always have to argue with people and attack everything they say all the time. Others are entitled to their opinion.

arguing is your way of saying, disagrees.

attack is your view, because i dont agree with what your opinion is.

just because i dont see this the same way as u do, doesnt mean im arguing or attacking.

i find it very odd that one would say its good fun to yell argos suck, but its not good fun to tease ticat fans?

Again, when did I ever say I didn't like being teased... you are missing the point of this posting. The point being made is that we debate endlessly (insert irony here) about whether to use the argos S*** chant because it may be offensive to some people, yet down the road in toronto they just go ahead with such things (and in some views worse) without any debate or hesitation. Maybe what Im saying here, more bluntly, is that the idea of debating the argos S*** chant is pointless because its going to be used regardless, and that we shouldnt feel badly doing so if our rival organization is on par with its jabs at us. Its my right as a ticat fan to stand up in a full stadium and at the top of my lungs yell out Argos S*** because thats my opinion and no one should be told to do otherwise. Its part of the rivalry, and if anyone has a problem with it, either grow a set, or go watch it at home.

this is where u said u dont like being teased....how quickly we forget.

i do agree, chanting 'argos sucks' is great....i dont know why anyone would make a big deal out of this....then again, i dont know why anyone would complain about teasing ticat fans on a jumbotron.

There is a line between teasing and having fun with things and just trying to get a cheap shot... thats my point. If you want to say ticats S*** go for it, if you want to poke fun at the fact we haven won a grey cup in a while, thats fine, if you want to plainly say, Toronto is better than Hamilton, go right ahead, but what I found with the jumbotron add was it was childish, disrespectful and not in good humour but bad taste. thats my point, if its not clear by now, tough, 'cause this is getting to be a very pointless discussion and I can't believe that I have had to defend myself so much over this. Am I the only person that felt that the pre-season add was even a little bit trashy?

i hope they play the video on the jumbotron again.

and i hope i hear 'ARGOS SUCK' being chanted, aswell.

I think you've at least partially missed the point of the great chant debate, Marchie. From my experience, the people opposed to "the chant", probably including the owner, do not oppose it "because it might offend the Argo supporters/organization" as you've said three times in this thread, but because they think it depicts Hamiltonians as trashy, mullet wearing yokels with special needs, to use your words.

I think it's all in good fun, and not terribly offensive or profane, but you have to admit it's not the most well constructed chant, either.

I wasn't at the game in Toronto so I can't give an accurate account but it seems to me from what was written here is that it was something the Argos put up on the board to get under the skin of Ti-Cat fans.

It's only some name calling. Why are people so offened by such things?

It's like saying everyone from Arkansas are a bunch of hillbillie inbreds. It's not very nice but it doesn't hurt anyone.

The Argos called the Ti-Cat fans some names, maybe it wasn't very nice but who ever said that Toronto or the Argos are nice.

If it made your blood boil a little bit then I guess it was an effective jab from the standpoint of the Argos

If name calling was the worst thing that went on in our society the world would be a much better place.