June 17 roster moves

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today that they have released the following players.

Import RB Demetrius Crawford
Import LB Chris Graham
Import DL Boo Robinson
Import DB TJ Rushing
Import DL Curtis Gatewood
Import SB Jason Chery
Non-import RB Nathan Riva
Non-import DB Dominic Noel
Non-import DL Renaldo Sagesse

· The Riders also announced the signing of defensive lineman Jay Alford (6’3 – 304). Alford spent the 2011 season with the Virgina Destroyers, winning the UFL Championship. Prior to that, Alford spent three seasons in the NFL after being drafted in the 3rd round (81st overall) in 2007 by the New York Giants. The 29-year old New Jersey native was part of the Superbowl championship Giants team that claimed victory over the New England Patriots.

Couple of surprise’s in there! Crawford, Graham and Chery surprised me… but the coaches must have seen something that they didn’t like. Then again Crawford is competing with Sheets, Rankin, West and Wynn… Graham was thought to be a starter before training camp started… he has done pretty much nothing since though…

I quite like the addition of Alford. I don’t know much about him, but he sacked Tom Brady in the 2008 superbowl to pretty much win the game!

Yeah, Crawford and Chery were victims of depth, though if one was basing cuts on 1 preseason game alone, then Hill should have been cut ahead of any receiver.

Boo was somewhat hyped, and they cut Romero after picking him up, so I was a little surprised there.

Chris Graham was not a shocker of a cut, but it shows that they have confidence in some of the new guys. While he may not bee Freeman or Simpson, he at least knows the CFL, so cutting him is a big statement, considering they have a few LBs to cut still.

And yeah, I guess signing Alford explains Boo's cut.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM1pbvFG7Sg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqVHX4IozUo

Agree about Chris Graham. I thought of him the other day because hadn;t heard anything. Last year they were almost ready to hand him a starting MLB job. Surprised but I agree it might something about what else we have.

Crawford............didn;t look as quick as the other backs. That I saw watching the game last week.

These were the easy cuts. The next one's are going to be harder. But everyone might get a few more reps a training now with these 9 players gone.

Hmmm... Chery surprised me a bit... Cutting the only guy who made a highlight worthy play in the first game seems like a bit of an interesting choice.

Jason Chery is a 5-10 SB competing against Getzlaf, Dressler and Hill (who had a really bad game, but did well last season), plus likely someone else that will be converted to SB. The Riders do not need another small receiver, as good as he might be. Sanders, at 5-6, is also a long shot. The club has a pile of guys in that 6ft range...only really Baker and Harper are bigger.