June 17 Flight to Calgary

I just wanted an opportunity to say 'thank you' to the team members on the flight this morning from Abbotsford to Calgary. My daughter was on the same flight going to attend her grandmothers funeral in Alberta and was having a rough day. I just spoke with her and she said she had a great flight and that all of the team that she had the opportunity to speak with were incredible and funny, something about 'rapping' :slight_smile:. Thank you all for turning a sad situation into a very enjoyable, memorable experience!

Thats what makes the CFL GREAT!

I have found 99% of CFL players take the time to chat with fans and are really approachable and friendly. My Grandson, who plays football has had the opportunity to meet several players through various Community functions. The players are genuine and down to earth. They never get enough credit for all the good things they do.

I'm glad they made your daughters travel much better under those circumstances.

Awesome stories, you hear so much negitives about athletes it nice to hear some positives, the lions have always been personnable…I remember having a laugh with them at Training Camp in that little craphole town of Coutenay B.C. in '89 ish…

I agree with you 100% sportsmen. Well said! :smiley:

I wonder if all Athleats would be so humble if they made as little money as the Guys do in the CFL