June 13 Depth Chart

The depth chart for Sunday's game in Toronto against the Argonauts is now online.


Please note that players are listed alphabetically at each position.

No Glenn. Almost all newbies. Calling it an exhibition game might be a stretch. More like a practice/try out with referees.
All perfectly necessary of course. Pre -season is too short to fairly evaluate talent esp. if you're blowing things up and starting over like Tor. CFL forces teams to squeeze everything into just two ex. games.

This is why We need a 3rd Exhibition Game

Used to be four ex. games.
Coaches would love it . More work but easier to evaluate talent. But the cost for hosting two of the four ex.games would mean there’s no going back to that.

Going from 4 to 2 exhibition games in the late 80s (?) was a quick way to increase ticket revenue.

In practice, especially if you look at the mediocre teams of recent years, the first month or so of the regular season has had an exhibition game feel to it - with often drastic roster changes and sloppy play over the summer.

If we go to 3 Games this could be done by allowing Teams Rotate the 3rd Home game every year
Here a Sample

Hamilton @ Toronto A
Montreal @ Hamilton B
Hamilton @ Winnipeg or Ottawa C

Following year
Toronto @ Hamilton A
Hamilton @ Montreal B
Winnipeg or Ottawa @ Hamilton

Each Year it would follow this Pattern

I'd Also Support going to 20 Game Schedule 10 home 10 away

Looking at who is not playing tomorrow it seems Vega has a very good chance to make the club.

No , Vega had an injury otherwise they'd want to see what he has in the argo game .

Does it look like Tisdale is taking a shot at corner ?
Can I assume then that Mcintyre is not going to play DT but instead backup DE ?
I think we need to bring in some DT's
i expect hargrave , shannon james and Marlon williams to show well at LB ..We will likely keep on eon the roster and on eon the reserve list
Heward and Van should do well at DB,,one of these guys might make the team well at least reserve list
and Toler and Fish will be watched closely at WR / KR
i EXPECT Boltus and Calhoun to do well

just curious, what is your basis for expecting Boltus to do well?

He look Really Sharp in Practice but these are live bullets..
I feel make take adam's spot on the Roster as the 3rd QB
This where the real fight is ..for the 3rd String Job

Pre-season games before the Black & Gold “game” due to scheduling. No wonder that the chart looks like it does. It really IS a glorified practice. Coach just said on CHML that the QB’s for tomorrow are Porter, then a lot of time for Tafralis and Boltus.

I'd still take this format so that we get on with the show sooner instead of the woefully way too long and dull NFL preseason for five weeks each year covering all of every August. :roll:

This is the first reason I started taking a hard look at CFL ball last year too.

Here is a list of the players who'll be sitting this one out:

WR Arland Bruce III
WR Dave Stala
WR Marquay McDaniel
RB DeAndra' Cobb
QB Kevin Glenn
OT Alexandre Gauthier
C Marwan Hage
DE Stan van Sichem
DE Jason Vega
DT Matt Kirk
LB Otis Floyd
LB Jamall Johnson
LB Markeith Knowlton
DB Jason Shivers

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/06/players-not-in-the-line-up-tomorrow.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... orrow.html[/url]

And here is the blew team's depth chart: http://www.argonauts.ca/depthchart/game/depthid/457

You'll see that they have players like McNeal, Copeland, Belli, and Eiben on it. Interesting to see some of the players who'll be starters for them not sitting this game out.

pre-season or not, they need to win if they wanna have any kind of a fan base for this season.
pre-season or not, we need to win because rule #1 of being a Ticat is you DO NOT lose to the Argo's :lol:

Hi Glovesave ,

My basis for expecting Boltus to do well is that I went to two practices last week and he looked very good in both . He looked much better than porter and trafalis . Also , I have heard from multiple sources that he has been looking good as well .

Trafalis is exactly what the team needs as a 3rd string guy.
Young, a little game experience, runs the short-yardage team well, does not rock the boat.