Jun 2nd Pres-season game

Honestly looking at the content of this thread I thought it might’ve been April 1st today . :thinking:

Thanks ExPat.
I missed Ciraco, in my quick look at the chart.
Must have glanced by “Ciraco-GTD,” shown as a back-up, thinking it was somebody new with a hyphenated name. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, I’m here with a HP Stream from 6 years ago, and I’m just going to hook the HDMI to one of the TVs in the house. Why everyone downgraded to phones and tablets from laptops I’ll never know.

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Re: streaming the June 2 game Ticats @ Alouettes - according to the CFL site which I just looked at a short time ago, RDS is showing that preseason game and because they are showing it even though it’s only available in Quebec, it can’t be streamed by the CFL. If you look at Where To Watch Games - under Canada it will show that RDS is the only one showing that game.

Here’s the link from the CFL - scroll down to see the chart

I tried the Ottawa- Montreal game tonight and it’s not available because it’s on RDS…what a load of :poop:.

It’s on TSN3 and TSN5 .


I think tabbiefan has discovered a truth, that we will not be able to see the TiCats’ second pre-season game, with the “CFL PreSeason Live” streaming, available only in the U.S., and the game only on RDS in Canada.
If so, would an evening, across the border, in The Falls work?

I didn’t think of it yesterday but I would think if you use a VPN you could select a server in the US and it should work. Your IP is the only way the web site knows where you are.

If you have Rogers ignite and subscribe to all the TSN and Sportsnet channels you should have RDS. Didn’t think I had it but it was one of my flex channels.

I downloaded ExpressVPN, select a US server, it will save you a trip to the US. If that doesn’t work select a British server.
We select a Brit vpn so we can watch the BBC or ITV live or programs on the ITV hub or BBC Iplayer.
I also use a US vpn when I’m in Canada because I subscribe to Hulu which is not available in Canada

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HP desktop to old reliable RCA 27 inch by way of hdmi to rca converter.
Meanwhile TCL 65 sits there with burnt out backlights. Progress.
Does vpn allow free streaming of CFL games?

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Laptop > HDMI > AVR > TV seems to wprk perfectly.

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Android phone. Use the pull down at top of screen. Screen cast is there. Will show castable devices. Works like a charm.

There are multiple ways to see the game.

I use this App called Sports Fire. I contains dozens of sports channels from around the world. Under the Canadian section it contains all of the TSN plus RDS.

It works on Android boxes, certain Smart TVs, and Firesticks.

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Yes I forgot about those, I had one last year called ClearChoice.TV, $20 a month and you could get TSN, SN all of the NFL network games, TV around the world including all of the HBOs, etc. I let it lapse and didn’t renew.
No need for any VPN

Well the Sports Fire App I mentioned above is Free. Just a simple download. I doesn’t work on phones but I can confirm that it does work on an Android based TV box and Firesticks.


Unfortunately - wish I was wrong but a trip over the border doesn’t work for me - too far to go and too expensive. We do have a streaming box with a zillion channels it seems from all over the place so it’s possible that RDS is hiding on there somewhere. We’ll have to check it out - can always listen to the Ticats audio network broadcast although it will probably be a play behind most of the time.

The Ticat Audio Network mentioned yesterday that the June 2nd game will be available on CFL Preseason Live.


Thank you.

This site contradicts what the TiCat Audio network reported:

“This game is only available to U.S. and international audiences. Please note this game will be broadcast in French.”