Jun 2nd Pres-season game

Since since TSN is not covering the preseason game
And we no longer have terrestrial radio covering the game
You have to use a bloody app
Something I’m not thrilled about

What are the cats doing I’d like to be able to see what’s going on
The cats have been preseason streams before are they planning to do one?


Just saw this but Can’t find the app for Google TV

It’s not an app. It is Internet based on a browser ( either phone, Tablet or computer)
All pre-season games are being streamed through the CFL website. They will most likely use the Ticat Audio network sound feed. It will essentially be the scoreboard feed from the stadium.
If you use a Chrome Browser you can cast it to any Google TV or a TV with a Chromecast, or you can run an HDMI cable to your big screen if you want to watch it on a bigger TV.
CFL Preseason Live - CFL.ca


Thanks Gia

one thing Onknight… when u go to the link that GI just gave if you go below the schedule find the little argos ticat logo… the telecast will start 5 minutes before kick off… just FYI… You just have to enter your first and last name and email…

Tried casting from my phone, couldn’t do it. When the CFL gets into the 21st century ill get on board.

i’ll post a link to the feed on game day guys. and it’s browser based, no need for an app.

i will also be setting up a new team-specific chat channel for T-cat fans. we previewed the group chat last game and it was pretty awesome. even @Grover liked it :slight_smile:

you will be able to use the usual game topics or the team group chat or both.


I had no issue casting from my iPad to the TV. Also tried using the web app on the tv with no issues. Telecast was certainly not TSN but at least I could watch the game.


I will take the CFL + any day of the week then having to listen to Glen Sutor do pbp


Google/Android apparently can’t cast.

This might help.

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Appreciate it but I cast everything. Did not have the option/ability on the stream.

Mirroring is a bit different. It can be " clunky" but casts your phone screen ( text messages and notifications included). Not ideal but workable.
Also, if you use a Chrome browser on a PC, you should be able to Cast even if the video itself has no Casting button on other devices.

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I’ve tried mirroring but to your point it’s not great.

Either way android is 75% of the world’s OS, and this is supposed to be an international product. Hopefully they get that worked out.

do you have an old laptop kickin’ around? My old girl (my laptop is 10+ years old) still allows for HDMI to my tv. It’s basically the only thing I use the laptop for. It can cast as well, but I prefer the HDMI route. It’s very simple and really never fails.

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Former Ticat Brandon Stewart will be in the building on Saturday as the Alum for Saturday.

also near the end Coach O mentions that Jamie Newman is away for personal stuff needed some time away from the team which is why hes on suspension list nothing too important and that he will be back… prob some stuff back home or something would be my guess

I’m surprised nobody uses Android TV boxes or Firesticks. All I do is fire up the browser, go to the CFL page and stream the game right on the 50 inch Plasma.


talks about newman but not smalls.

coach o…always a wealth of information.


Your quarrel may be with the guys asking the questions. No one asked about Biggie Smalls, so yeah, the coach didn’t answer that question.


you think the guys asking the questions get to ask questions that aren’t preselected and prescreened by Orlondo Steinauer?

hopefully the team is at least working to try and get the notorious b.i.g. back up here!