July 9 Postgame Thread

Please keep all general comments about the July 9 game in this thread.

Not thrilled with our OC and DC at all Play Calling is Awful

Agree: no attempt at adjustments that I could see. Bad combo of rookie co-ordinators and a weak HC, much like 2004.

I dunno, I think our defence is doing well. But only scoring 3 points in the first half is not going to win many games.

Time to go MB, final straw.Also, i'd like to mention that I got laughed at when I said we should trade Glenn for Ray in the off-season well Glenn was red hot and Ray was ice cold.I basically got told that he'd never really done much in his career nor was he going to from here on out.I know it really doesn't make a difference and the trade probably wasn't even on the table ever but still...
This team at this point in time sucks real bad, shades of the last decade.

Something tells me that benchings are in order.


I'll give a pass to Lee and Young.

Shivers cannot tackle.
Smith cannot cover OR tackle. A waste of money and a roster spot.
Simmons cannot block.
Glenn cannot throw a deep ball, cannot scramble/run, and throws horrible interceptions.

If Barker is healthy - he should go in for Shivers PERMANENTLY!
Dennis in for Smith - PERMANENTLY!
Johnson in for Simmons.
I won't suggest a QB, but Glenn =needs to get his head out of his ass and start producing, or he should face a demotion.

From Twitter:

"Sara Orlesky

Arland Bruce says after the game he is very frustrated and shocked that he wasn't utilized more often today"

Our Defence got torched !!!

Def was doing fine…but when they are on the field that long, of course they will get tired. WTH is going on with the O ??? There are enough play makers to put up points. With a new OC being buddy buddy with the QB makes me start to wonder.

I agree with all but Glenn, its 2 games, all I'm saying...2 games

I bet Khari will be up in the spotters box next week: no more coaching from the sideline.

Exactly. Defense kept this from being a total humiliation. Not much wrong here. High agressiveness results in breakdowns sometimes. Does anyone want a return to Marshall ? I dont’t . Stay the course. Less than 30 points with over 500 yards offense after being on the field almost the entire night ? I’ll take it

The worst thing about tonight was missing a good Jays game.

The rider are look this game and use it as a blue print
every team will

I'm not saying ye gets yanked, but he has to start to produce. As Caretaker said, 3 points in the first half is not enough.

I agree with the turd.

No such thing.

it starts with the o-line, they played AWFUL tonight, Simmons was dreadful, still its 2 games, look at the Leos last year or the Eskis, were only 0-2, 16 more games to win, still highly disappointed with this team right now though

Amen.Bo Smith absolutely sucks and i’ve been saying this for 2-3 years now, what the hell the Jets saw in him I have no clue.Why he’s still here, I don’t know.This team lacks preperation and motivation, the two most important factors in a head coach’s job, 2 of which MB never get’s done even in wins.Why do you think we need leaders in almost every position such as Avon Cobourne?Because all MB does is smile and clap and say gosh darn, we’ll try on the next series boys.We need a HC that motivates them pre-game so they give their best, we need a HC that prepares them for everything we’d be seeing from each and every team, we need a HC that makes meaningful half time adjustments and we need a HC that will get after a player if they’re doing something wrong.Fire MB NOW!Make Brad Miller interim HC and start searching before we throw away the season.Yes it’s early, yes this has been a regular thing with the Ticats, but it doesn’t have to be.The difference between us and the Al’s is our HC’s.Bottom line.Wake up Obie, MB is a mediocre coach at best, an improvement over the total garbage we had before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve upon that as well.

It was nice to make the playoffs the past two years, but it looks like we are the league's bottom feeder again.
Some observations"
Khari is no offensive coordinator, as LaPolice said, he is not big on x's and o's: he should be gone now.

Glenn is past his best beyond date, unless Khari's offensive schemes are so useless that it has affected Glenn, but Glenn is not mobile, has no arm strength, cannot read blitzes and is worse than Cleo.

Marcel's teams continue to be ill prepared for games

Marcel was outcoached by a rookie coach

Marcel was slick in hiring his own rookie OC and DC, in that if you want to fire Marcel, who do you replace him with.

Thought I would love the defence but either it is ill designed or some DBs have to go, and by the way, what happened to our middle linebacker, lost in a fog

Agree with the TSN folks, how can you have a game plan that does not utilze one of the best in the league, Bruce

Avon is our leader tho I bet he wishes he was back in Quebec now

I see why Sask let Thigpen go, his returning was awful, reminded me of Yeast

why was Williams not returning kicks?

Our return teams, both punt and kickoff, simply suck

There, I have it off my chest but I would suggest, even if it is only two games in, you go to re-building mode and try to get the last play off spot, and start the future QB, be it Porter or Boltus and let them mature, 'cause I think we are done with Glenn. He may have felt he was disrpected, but respect is earned, and he has not earned it. I was so pumped this year I got extra season tickets, you cannot imagine how bad and angry I feel at this time.