July 6 - vs. Stamps

Read that Bo may not be starting on Saturday.

Anyone know why the Stamps are going for a second opinion on the MRI?

Did they not find anything wrong with the first one?

Thanks in advance.

Same guy he used for his shoulder. Sounds like it is being said it is a few weeks plus vs fears it might be the season…smart to get a second opinion because of that…because maybe it’s not as bad as told and something can be done to get him back sooner

Expecting a close game with Stamps.
Calgary is a ‘solid’ football system with good DB’s, I expect alot of Powell running with hopes that the turnovers are caused not given up by the Riders
Go Riders

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This will be a close game.

The Stamps are beatable right now, and all 3 phases have to play well to come away with the ‘W’.

Go Riders Go

BO defenetly out - just announced he was placed in 6 game IRL

Few big injuries on both sides.

Lauther, Cofield, Marshall, KD Cannon all out for the Riders.

Bo, Don Jackson, Brescasin for the Stamps.

The depth for both teams will be tested early

IMO, with QB’s going down left and right: Zach, Mitchell, Nichols in the west, the Riders had better be getting Harker some Rep’s or there could be major problems if Fajardo gets injured… I really hope Harker is getting the necessary Reps to take over if Cody goes down?

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Wow we are playin like crap in all phases!! Macadodo has gone back to his fold napkin playbook.

Yeah 1st and 10 from the stamps 40 and they throw a deep ball. Rub the ball, secure points then go for a first down on second.

Well that was an old fashion beat down. The Riders looked like that short week was just too much. Here’s hoping they can turn it around because a beating like that and you start to see playoff positioning slipping away

Well where do you start. Got our asses handed to us with a smile.
Great to see Harker getting some Reps.
Thought Powell was supposed to be an explosive runner. Not doing it imo.
Calgary’s Carey shows what an explosive runner is…
Calgary’s answer to the Rider preasure/Rush…Screens killed us, Passes in the empty middle killed us
A week off the the Next one.

Oh ya, it takes a while to build a quarterback, and a team effort. Yardo will come back and play better, I think the late start threw the team off.

Late start had nothing to do with this licking. Our D is suppose to be the best in the league, we had a few changes only. They look nothing like last year, Gainey 4 PI come on, he knows better, lots of stupid penalties. Our Special teams did ok for the most part, from what I remember. Our O, well Cody may of had a bad night, and I know we are missing a few top O linemen, but these guys are payed pro’s, no excuse for how leaky they where. Cody did not have a lot of time in pocket most of night, 5 sacks, this needs to improve for our O to preform, nice to see Harker got some rep’s, I still think he is the better of the 2, not taking away from Cody … BUT!!! Missing a few receivers did not help either, but no excuse for the missed passes ands dropped passes. As for Powell, might as well let Tiggy do most the work back there, Tiggy has been way more effective than Powell. Now on to the again main problem… Macadodo went back to his last year play book, which is a folded napkin, bad calling and so predictable. I hope this dodo is gone next season and they bring in a real OC. All in all what a bad performance.

Maybe has something to do this a HC literally not knowing the score? Not even joking.

All the fears I had with CD seem to be coming through

Ol was all fricken awful. Cody could not step into passes

I like the truthfulness and accessability of CD however I also believe he is TOO PASSIVE. Being a nice guy is not a proven motivator imo. I think a head coach has to have “an edge about him” that shows ‘all business’ and intensity when needed (Like when your loosing badly).

So now a bye and then BC in town who I believe will be as hard to beat as Calgary if they come in with any kind of Chemistry.
Sitting at 1-3 is getting to be a concern.

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Well, I don’t think I would get to excited about 1 game, The riders had games like that under jones to. Have to wait and see the next couple of games. It could just be one of those dud games.

I’d say it is at least the last 2 games. Beating up on a struggling Argos team is not exactly awesome. The D is not playing as a unit and can’t seem to buy a tackle far too often (tough to improve on when you can’t where pads in practice) and the OL has been bad all season…granted, they are down 3 starters…with at least one of those (Blue) likely done.

Personally I hope you’re right!
But the fact is it’s not 1 game it’s 3 games. Close doesn’t win championships or get you too the playoffs. Only wins do.
These home games should be wins, and only gets harder on the road
1-3 is concerning period.

Really this team was in a bad position at this time last year as well. They started off 3-4 before going on a bit of a roll. We will see how it goes after the bye and hopefully things turn around for them

Watching the loss to the Stamps confirmed my worst fears. Cody’s arm is too weak. They kept him in the pocket for the most part to force him to throw it downfield. I remember one pass over 15 yards. Watch for other teams to defend the same way. The other fear was our new Head Coach being in over his head. He seems like a nice guy but is not near ready to run this team. He was running around talking to players - likely about special team assignments. That attempted FG with just over 7 minutes left and down 20 was a horrible decision. You play to win! I think us Rider fans are in for a long season…or two.