July 5th Vs Argos

Na, I don't think he ever had full control, it looked like when he was trying to tuck it the ball squirted out underneath the arm.

Nice play and pass for the td

TAMAN!!!! GIVE THAT DRESSLER 2.0 ANOTHER TWO YEARS ON HIS CONTRACT NOW!!! (and get something for Taj while you still can).

And Paul has been a 2000% improvement on kicking. A true professional.

Yup I think we have seen enough to say the kid has got talent. I wouldn't waste a second thinking about it and get him under wraps for another two.

I know Dressler and Smith hate to be compared but I would say that cloning program they have in ND is top notch!

So again Allen can't hang onto the ball.... leave Messem in.

Oh man what was Glenn thinking throwing that into the flat with a defender all over Taj? That was a rookie mistake not a veterans. Could be the game changer for sure after that big catch by Smith.. and moving into scoring position that would have put them up by 17

Taj just doing his usual lazy "the ball has to come to me, I'm not coming to the ball.".

That may have been but still way too much risk throwing that with the time that it took to develop.

Now the stupid penalties starting to kill them

If they lose this one then once again they will have beaten themselves

Nice clock management Riders

So disappointing. Toronto had no business winning that one.

@#&%#!@*^%# We beat ourselves again, stupid stupid dumb penalties, The D looked better, but not by much, where's this so called aggressive D CC keeps saying we have... also bad Penalties by the o line cost us big time.. man this just sucks!! And we out played them for the most part! Time to trade T smith away, as R Smith has him beat by a mile!! Man Ryan had 2 great catches today!!

Well another defensive fail cost us the game again. Pass rush? What pass rush? Too many mistakes and too many penalties that took points off the board. This one was ours again for the taking but we did everything right to give it away.

Bitter lost for sure. Smith was the highlight player of the game for sure.

0-2 with 2 home losses that is not a good situation at all. Good thing Cory has made the defense his pet project and so far it really has paid off( dripping in sarcasm)

Again what were the coaches thinking with 122 left in the game and going no huddle and only taking 5 seconds off the clock? With the wind and 117 left that is way too much time to leave a team. Just poor poor time management and it cost us the win more then likely.

one plus was Paul hit all the field goals right down the center!

Yes if they can get a solid player for Taj then I would pull the trigger as I agree Ryan has earned the spot outright.

I still can't believe how ineffective out D line has been. Harris had way too much time in many plays and only two sacks? One was more a trip then a sack really so really only two sacks in two games. That is not going to cut it with the new pi rules and again some sloppy tackling to allow some key first downs.

If this trend continues Cory could be out before Labor day.