July 5th Vs Argos

A lot of people didn’t think the Argo would fair well this season…personally I see them as a top team and did coming into the season…I think 1st or 2nd out east. I’ve always thought Harris is a solid QB.

Their DL is strong…but I think the Riders can handle it…Glenn has a fast release so he could really chew them up. A lot of people are saying that Glenn seems to fit this O better than DD…who knows. Glenn talked about his career coming full circle…what a story that would be! tough breaks hold him from a championship…including the injury in 2007…imagine if a return to the Riders to potentially finish off his career h wins…

Practice on Friday was interesting…
Tennant was back…so there is the DT rotation
they pulled Walker off the 6 game apparently
Doughty and Knox look like they will get main action…Doughty looks promising in the middle.
Green was out…Hollins might get the go
Brack is at Safety…thank god…Harris was a liability there…not on him…it is simply not his spot

I don’t think Emry will miss more than 1-2 games and Demski probably only 1

Look for a healthy dose of rushing by the Argos to see if the Riders can handle it or not. If the Riders can not this could be a long game for the defense. I think this game may be bigger then just trying to get the win. The Riders have to show they can shut offenses down and the offense has to show they can win without Durant.

I don't expect this to be an easy task against any team this year and Calgary got schooled this week by a rookie with one week prep time which I'm sure they weren't expecting that. All the more reason the Riders need to win and keep pace with the Stamps and maybe get a jump on Edmonton. So far the Stamps have not looked good on offense especially but that could change quickly so its best to jump on them and kick them while they are down so to speak.

By no means are the Argos a free space on the bingo card, absolutely not. But if the defense tackles well and Glenn doesn't turn the ball over the Riders should win because they have the better roster.

I think they will do...outside hitters out of the backfield as well...the riders have inexperienced LBs. I was high on clark but i think knox is better...and I can't wait to see Doughty in the gut. I suspect we will see Brack flipping to LB a fair amount at times because of the lack of experience...dont let the Arogos assume it will always be a rook alone up there

Cato did have camp as well...he didn't came in raw....he has seen the playbook for a while...still impressive, don't get me wrong. He looks very promising...though a QB with skill and mobility and no CFL video on can do wondrous things sometimes...he did look very good though.

All I know is he sure didn't hurt the Als in getting the win and against the Stamps makes it even better. Love watching Bo struggle and corndog almost invisible. Glad Nik had a good game against the team that basically showed him the door.

Oh heck watching any team beat the Stamps puts a smile on my face for that matter.

I'm still predicting a 10-8 (if not more) season for the Roughies. It's nothing like last year. We still have a competent QB that a majority of the league would be screaming for this year.

I tend to agree...need to see if the D comes together though...if not it is entirely on Chamblin...he is the one ranting how he is running it

I'm not at all concerned with the Offence, The D need to step it up, if they do, we will win this one, looking forward to the game!! Also surprised to see Milo on the depth charts!!


tackling is the big issue with both the D and special teams ? if they can tackle we have a high probability of winning.
now that Glenn has a week of reps with the first team I'm not to concerned about offence yet ?
and if the game is going in either direction give Smith some quality playing time not just cleanup duty.
look at what happened in Montreal last night when an raw rookie was given an opportunity.

Is this game not televised? Looking on all the TSN channels I couldn't see it listed. Lol never mind it's a Sunday game. good thing I didn't have tickets and drive 300 kms today for nothing. :lol:

Tons of changes.

Miller 1-gamed. Messam is listed as the 6th NAT starter on O. I'm guessing Allen is a DI and there will be a lot of shuffling whenever Messam comes out.

Connop the only one on D. Really beefed up in the middle of the line. Agbaje out, Tennant in. Walker dressed behind George.

Surprised Clark got PRd. I thought he looked a lot better than Knox last week but Knox is starting. I guess that's why coaches know a thing or two that I don't. LBs overhauled completely. Doughty in the middle. Antwi dressed as well.

Hollins starts at corner. I sure hope he's better than he showed in Ft Mac. Maybe he is but Ft Mac is all I know of him. T-Brack is back. Hope he can make his presence felt and be a game changer.

Haidara dresses ahead of Carroll. I'm thinking this is an ST move. He was one of BC's ST leaders last year. He should not disappoint in this role at least. 2Smith listed at wideout is interesting. We'll see if he actually lines up there. Taj on the 46, but if he is nicked I expect him to sit in favor of Kory Williams who would start at the wideout which would move 2Smith back to the slot.

No changes on the o-line. They've elected to keep Adcock starting and drop (probably) Miller, rather than to dress Vonk and start Watman. A decision to keep the better guy at LT so I'm good with that.

Obviously McCallum in for place kicking. Milo still on the 46, would expect him to scratch with Taj.

It is televised on TSN 1/3/4/5

The EPG on the set top box mislabels the game as Toronto @ Calgary.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-on-tsn-broadcast-schedule-1.206931]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-on-tsn-broadcast- ... e-1.206931[/url]

For some reason I thought it was on today not Sunday. Maybe the thick smoke from all the fires up here is effecting me more then I thought.

Smoke is bad here, Jimmy you in PA or where

It was really thick here in Stoon this morning.

Yes in PA. Frustrating part is last night it clouded up and got real dark and threaten to rain but not a drop, the wind got up and not only blew the clouds off but it was perfectly clear at sunset. Woke up this morning and the sky is a sick greyish brown and the smoke is the worse its has been. Don't want to spend any amount of time outside as it will give you a headache. Really sucks to have to be indoors not only in the Winter but the Summer too.

As you see I live in pa also, yah was sure it was gonna pour last night... NOT!

Well so far the defense is not looking dominant. Getting nickled and dimed lots. Argos moving the ball with ease.

Nice catch by Bagg!

OOoo I think the Riders got a break on that fumble call