July 5 - Als vs. Bombers thread

Big catch by Terrence Edwards.

What a Catch by Edwards

Man I like this kid

That play doesn't work for Winterpeg either... lol

Glen went Deep Twice .
One missing then called back on a Flag
Then that Great Grab by Edwards.

Imoh BLEW that return -- fumble recovery TD!

Good punt, fumble, Winnipeg TD.

13-8 Als

Stokes looks good now, eh? LMAO

Bearmen Johny on the spot with that Dumb Rookie Mistake .

Look here comes Bombers D..

Ohh look - AC looking panicked in the pocket. At least he didn't fumble...

"Stegall Watch" time LOL

TD Roberts.

Roberts TD -- Bombers lead 15-13

Montreal is Falling a Part...

They are FLAT.

Danny is a great Colour Guy ..

I agree.

i've always liked ex-QBs in the booth -- Ron Lancaster and Russ Jackson come to mind. A lot more perspective.

Brazzel makes a Huge grab for a Change

TD Brazzell -- that was close to a drop LOL