July 5 - Als vs. Bombers thread

Game is on now on TSN and TSN Broadband.

Oski Wee Wee,

Als with a early 10-0 lead.

Game stats and the play tracker can be found at http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html .

Saw something familiar there - Brazzell not catching a pass...

LOL yup.

Calvillo has been sharp, although he just missed Watkins for a sure TD!

Surprising - the "full screen" mode plays better than the minimized screen.

Russ, are you gonna make it to any games at IWS?

13-0 Als now -- Duval FG

Nice FG. We should NOT let the Larks get on our side of centre field...

Does Winnipeg look worse than us?

That vaunted pass rush has to show up...that defence is looking ordinary. Watkins could have had a second TD, but AC just missed him.

Nobody can look worse than us.

Refs blew it.

Wow...Blink finally got a carry! LOL

Big fumble recovery by Walls!

FG attempt by Pikula...missed.

Westwood is looking safer, if that is possible. LOL

...and Pikula blows it. Can we say "blows"? Could be worse than "$ucks"... lol

13-1 Als, BTW :stuck_out_tongue:

AC is on a Roll
so is Montreal

He's missing deep..and that is so much better than missing short.

And Brazzell misses another reception...