July 31 Tiger-Cats @ Roughriders Postgame Thread

Please keep all 'postgame thoughts' discussion about the Tiger-Cats/Roughriders game in this thread.

Turnovers and Block Punt Cost us any chance for a win
great games by Kevin Glen AB3 and our Defence

That my friends was a garbage game and another embarasment for Tiger cat football.


  • coached, again
  • adjusted, again
  • kicked, again
  • played, again
  • challenged, this game
  • of the running

Congrats to the (to be named Tuesday) CFL Offensive Player of the Week - 16 catches for 270 yds. (approx.) and 2 TD's

Watching tonight's game was far less stressful, for me, than any of the previous four. When one expects a solid loss, one is not disappointed when it happens and can move on to more important things in life, I'll now do. Good Night all.

Well...no great surprise that we lost to them. If the Cats played like this (apart from the butterfinger turnovers) they could beat most of the other teams. The offense looked better, the defense for the most part bent but didn't really break. Although it would have been nice to at least get a sack on Durant. But they had pressure on him and did contain him to prevent his running ability. Special teams needs to get better, both punting and down field coverage. We let Sask have great field position all game long.

There may have been quite a few here who did not wonder if which team would win this game, but instead, how many points the Riders would win by. It turns out that it was not as one-sided as many thought it would be. Sure, it was a loss, and we're now 1-4. But we're at least seeing this team put in some effort, and not get totally owned, and make us believe that these next few games ahead are winnable. That's how I see it.

Now for some thoughts:

First, congrats to AB3 on tying the CFL record for most receptions in a game. It was an outstanding performance. And 272 rec. yards, is the second most by a Ticat receiver in a game. Congrats to you, BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!

The rest of the rec. corps did well, with two notable exception, both of which led to picks. I wish those two picks could be taken from Glenn's record, as they were 0% his fault. And one was made by Stala, who seems incapable of not holding onto passes. But he did get us a TD, with a nice celebration after it to boot, no pun intended.

The O line seemed to be better at opening holes, and the O line tinkering may have been a good move. Cobb had a good game, but I'd still like to see more from him.

The D held the fort quite well, leading to Congi's stats being padded. They even did well in the first half without Knowlton. And it was great to see hard hits by Barker, perhaps making us wish Beveridge were hired as a firefighter sooner.

If Obie has Medlock on speed dial, hopefully he pressed that button on his phone to contact Medlock after that blocked punt. Bad move by him to try to punt it just after picking it up, when Rider was heading right toward him. Sandro still has to prove his slump is over, as his one FG attempt was an easy one.

And you know the officiating will be talked about.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, other than that next week's game is a must-win. Now I'm watching next week's opponents, and hopefully we'll see them get beat.

My postgame thoughts, Belton Johnson has the longest arms i have ever seen.

And yeah, were 1-4.

Why is the Pan-Am group planning on building a stadium somewhere in Hamilton the Ti-Cats Stink and have for the past ten years and will for the next ten years and beyond. Stick a stadium in Burlington, Oakville or Grimsby down the QEW because once the games are over with who will watch a team that cannot find a way to win a ball game in the CFL and the head coach is so passive he puts people to sleep.

It's High Time for new blood in Hamilton in the way of a head coach and maybe a new team. Get rid of Marcel B. give the job to Greg Marshall the Defensive Co-ordinator and bring in Rich Stubler as the Defensive Coach and if players don't WIN, fine them every game, because it's better to WIN in Steeltown than to be a constant LOSER that the TI-CATS are now!!!!!

why the hell would we call up medlock, its just gonna mess up our ratio, kickers r a dime a dozen, get a canadian one and dont mess up our ratio

Long time lurker, first time poster :slight_smile:

The negativity on this forum is probably more frustrating to me than the Cats losing tonight. Not to single out vjcos, it's just a typical post. People on this forums seem to post with emotion and not brains. Glenn over 400 yards, 3 touchdowns, Bruce ties a record and scores 2 TDs, Cobb finally has a good game, D has a very good game...

Sorry, but I'm not embarassed about this loss. Frustrated, yes. Embrassed, no.

Having said all that, I am finally starting to feel concerned for this team. The mistakes need to be fixed, as was evidenced clearly tonight.

The last 35 seconds of the 1st half sums up this teams coaching staff in a nutshell. Hand off Hand off, then a 25 yard pass with no time left on the clock.
This illustrates a serious problem with the winning philosophy that this team needs.
With 35 seconds to go we should have attempted to move the ball into field goal range to answer the Riders 3 pts.
They took the cowardly way out.
I turned to the family members with me watching the game and said , we have just lost the game. By conceding the 35 seconds instead of trying to get points we have told the opposition that we are not a team that is being coached to win.
The HC needs to go, give Greg Marshall the reins for the rest of the season before it is too far gone. :frowning:

2 DROPPED balls for INTs - Embarrassing
ANOTHER blocked punt - Embarrassing
Challenging 2 plays not worth challenging - Embarrassing
Giving up a single to make a 2 score game a 3 score game - Embarrassing
Jason Shivers getting picked on the entire night - Embarrassing

Im sorry but i have to agree with the first post, the mental mistakes and obvious coaching mistakes are very embarrassing, and as of right now we're easily the worst team in the league.

The Good
O Line

The Bad
Gibson 2nd Half Adjustment

The Ugly

I'm aware of what that'll do to the ratio, but it may be worth it. And as for bringing in a Canadian, where will we find one?

It was good to still see good pass protection after that O line tinkering. Glenn was protected well enough, aside from that one time he got nailed by Kornegay. But that reminds me that on the other side of the ball, it seemed Durant sometimes had enough time to read every post in that stadium location thread that now 220+ pages long. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

One other thing about lineup tinkering: Bauman: You were given an opportunity to show us what you can do, and we see you end a drive by letting pass bounce off of you?

I was posting about those calls in the game thread. It could be that on the pass to AB3, they thought he could get the YAC for the TD. That's my best guess.

And I was wondering when we'd see "fire Bellefeuille, promote Marshall" posts would be here.

I agree with all that other stuff, dropped passes, blocked punt (again). Sure in terms of physical play those contributed greatly to the loss. But what I am saying is the mental side of the game tonight. We had a chance to move the ball into field goal range before the half ended but chose not to. To me that makes a huge statement about how this coaching staff thinks and IMO it goes against every ounce of playing hard to the final whistle! :rockin:

I was expecting the Cats to get blown out, so I admit the Cats did better than I thought.

But some brutal plays (Bauman,Palardy). Pressure is really on the next 4 games.


AB3 was a machine out there POW guaranteed

Too many two-and-outs

Bauman dropped ball was the beginning of the end (I dont care for the guy and feel he should be cut)

Here's hoping to getting 3 wins between now and labor day or the season is OVER.

Stubler is Dline coach in BC

The Next 4 are Must Wins .. We can't afford to lose one ..

8) The Cats need to win 3 out out of their next 4 games against Winn. and Argos, or they are done for this year !! :oops: