July 31 TiCat Larks Game Play by Play Thread

As BobYoungFan is absent tonight, I will open the thread for those interested in mid game chat.

WHERE: Magill Campus Stadium, Montreal

WHEN: 1900 kickoff

Coverage: Radio CHML, Television TSN

The Questions:

Can Hamilton's Jesse Lumsden run the ball against Montreal?

Will Richie Williams step up and throw the first TD pass of the season, in absence of Casey Printers?

Will AC shred the defence as in Game #1 or has the D found some form? Can we see some pressure on AC to keep him less effective?

The Betting Line: Montreal by 11

Here`s hoping the Cats can play like they did against the Blue team. Smart, disciplined and aggressive football. I hope they go for it and shock the fans in Montreal.

Let`s Go Cats!!!!

Thanks for stepping in Lifter.

Turn it around tonight boys, right now!


Well done, lifter.

Soon we'll get answers to those qustions of yours.

While I saw Montreal hand us a drubbing in Game #1, hope springs eternal, as we trashed the Argo's and came within a sliver of beating the Riders, arguably the best team in the League...it CAN be done...just the guys have got to decide to do it...

i think we gotta blitz and pressure calvillo. give him time he'll tear apart any zone defence.
no doubt we need to get the running game going again and work the clock ,if not we're in for a long night.

All the other teams in the league can beat us with their 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks; why can't we do the same thing?

Cats win big so we can have another quarterback controversy

Lancaster is not on the broadcast
Is he sick again?

Cats need the win

Go Cats

Alright, let's quit screwing around. Go Cats!

Let hope for a Close Game and we pull it out.

the tsn leif tribute showed the esk cats 35-35 tie laour day 81, one of the best games ever. leif scored a td that game (with clements)

They just said on the radio that Leif Petterson died
That's too bad

look like its raining===RUNNIN GAME

looking good

good start and mitchell didnt drop it

Big play
Scott Mitchell
First Down

3-0 setta 42

Good start.

Big delay between radio and internet coverage.

Setta with the FG

3-0 Cats

Where did they put those lovable losers we became accustomed to?

Looking good!