July 31 @ Edmonton

ON: 19 Price*, 38 Jackson*, 45 Fitzgerald
OFF: 5 Glenn*, 53 Vonk, 80 Moore

2 - 6 gamed of course, 2 replacements

Great to see Jackson back...Suber listed ahead of him, so perhaps he is emergency only of doesn't make the 44

I also wonder if Connop is still dinged up...I know he was knicked in the last game...Tennent is listed ahead of him. I thought Tennent did more...he actually took on a couple double teams and pushed the line back at times.

Still no idea why Williams is out there. Has he done anything this season?

Kory Williams? He's barely seen the field. With Taj out he should be used more. He's pretty good if he gets a chance.

I agree I would like to see what Williams can bring. Heck why have him if your not going to use him?

horrid directional punting
unable to stop on 2nd and long
rookie QB made rookie mistakes
coach unaware of loss of down
The D has looked pretty good for the most part...despite not stopping the Esks on some long plays
Looked great when Walker was in there
Loved JC's strategy with Smith to start...pass lots as the expected a run...A great Esks D has adjusted but Smith has looked ok through 3/4...for a rookie

Oh I think Smith has great potential and with more experience he could be the next real starter in the future. That said yes going pass for the first bit to get the Edmonton D off balance not bad but to abandon the run game completely is just plain fecking stupid.

Lol the defense is worse then dog SH** and couldn't stop a nun from committing a sin. They are the laughing stock of the league. Yes Chick looked better, Hall looked a bit better, Walker looked good but the rest of them are killing this team.

Now we bring in Tino for what reason besides maybe to protect Smith is anyone's guess.

Anyone has Ken Miller’s number?

Our D just can't keep anyone in their own zone. If it wasn't for our kicker it would be really really really ugly.

That being said, since this season is pretty much done, might as well keep Smith in a QB even when Glenn is healthy (maybe even release him).

sure...except that was horrid directional punting.

the team leads the league in penalties to the point it is no longer even comparable...brutal

Chamblin looked...for the first time...truly defeated out there at times.

So did the rest of the team. I mean I lost count after 10 in the first quarter alone,of how many broken tackles they allowed.

Bell is only 185 lbs and yet he broke probably 8- 10 himself in this game. If you can't stop a player with one guy and sometimes takes 3 your in deep sh**. This team is in the deepest sh** pile they have been in since the 70's and that is inexcusable.

I wonder how much that is the vets trying to bring up their game to compensate for obvious deficiencies elsewhere?

Don't care what the reason is.

Not sure if its fair to inflict this kind of torture on Smith. He is needing game time no mistake but to have him getting pommeled to death may not be a good way to go. I say if it comes down to keeping Glenn or acquiring both Heenan and Jones then maybe pull the trigger on Glenn.

Lol Tino looked impressive on the 3rd and less then a yard. Muffs the snap, stumbles, fumbles, and then when they replace Smith he gets sacked twice and a pick so in other words look for Cory to decide to start Tino in the next game. The master mind of fluster cucks that he is .

I honestly have no idea how Tino even made it to the pro's. He might have some good football brains, just no athleticism.

His brains got pretty scrambled on that blind side hit he took. :stuck_out_tongue:

It wasn't blind side lol...that's the problem...zero recognition...Smith showed a lot more...changing cadence to expose the Eks at times. He did very well for his first start against a very aggressive team and best D in the league.

That play was 100% Allen whiffing in pass protection YET AGAIN!

I'm so fucking sick of Anthony Allen. Why in God's name is he still here?

I believe Allen took the guy coming up the middle, who had the shortest path to the QB. Could be wrong...but think it was the case. Don't get me wrong...he misses a lot of blocks

The biggest ailment in this game IMO was the tall Esks receivers against a bunch of short fries...for such a size mismatch i thought they did fairly well. same can be said on O....I like Ryan Smith...believe he is the best receiver on the team, but on the pick 6 if he was even 6 feet tall that probably doesn't happen

This was the best defensive outing of the year. Bell had 29 yds rushing in the whole game. Edmonton did not have any plays longer than 31 yards. There was the best pressure on the QB we've seen all year. There were several 2 and outs. Shaw punted EIGHT times. Sure Nichols had a career game, but considering HIS career numbers, not hard. The offense hung the defense out to dry tonite. Sask had about 13 1st downs in the entire game, 10 thru 3 quarters. Not sure what the final ToP was but had to be in the 33-35 min range for Edmonton. It's tough to ask a D to keep trotting out there outside the opponent's 40 yard line time after time and keep forcing punts and only give up 23 points on the night.

My question is, wtf?? Messam 3 carries? THREE??? I'm putting on my steel toes and getting in my car, driving out to Regina right now to kick Chapdelaine in the nuts good and hard! Come ut of the gate throwing as a surprise, I like that, but at some point you have to realize that you easily have the #1 run game in the league with the #1 back AND you have a QB making his first pro start ever ... THREE carries? F**k me in the poop chute!

Look at the gameplan from Edmonton's perspective. They're GOING to be aggressive up front with a rookie QB, and that's their MO anyways. They WANT to be in the QB's head all game. What is their biggest concern? They sure hope Messam doesn't get rolling. Messam 3 carries + Allen 3 carries means that Edmonton goes 'whew!' right off the bat. Now all they have to do is pin their ears back and focus on what they want to do, go after the QB. Not running plays right into Edmonton's hands! That tool Chris Jones is laughing in their faces.

Thanks Chappy, you suck!

Watch it again. He has no one to block and he comes up to the edge, then sees Watkins flying past and reacts waaay too late, sticks an arm out, not even close. Embarrassing.