July 31 Depth Chart

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On Offence

Peter Dyankoski starts at LG

and Marco Kavka moves to
his natural RT position

Jason French bumps out
receiver O' Neil Wilson


Cornelius Anthony starts as DE
in place of Kori Dickerson

with Nautyn Mc Kay-Loescher
backing up Dominic lewis

Geoff Tisdale starts at CB
with Jykine Bradley injured.

Casey is on the 46 man roster
in case some calamity occurs.


No revolving door yet, folks.

Watch for Tisdale to get picked on.

Again, CaptainKirk is wise.

I hope he is ready for the attention. Could make him play better, or...

8) For sure !!! Early and often !!! :roll:
Cornelius Anthony starts as DE in place of Kori Dickerson
8) I sure hope he is very quick, since at 6'1, 222, he sure is undersized at defensive end !!! :roll:

I guess getting released isn't as serious as it used to be.

[url=http://www1.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=27509]http://www1.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PN ... ic&t=27509[/url]

Ex-Pat.....the Cats have done that with a few guys already this season.

Jo jo Walker was cut five days before he started at SB.

The way I see it, when they cut a guy he has a very good chance to end up back on the roster if he joins the practice roster. Both Walker and French appeared immediately on the practice roster on the same day they were cut.

He'll be OK hes going to eat three Big Macs before the game.

He'll be OK hes going to eat three Big Macs before the game.
No... this is the CFL. Just one Baconator.

Oh, I present to you, the BK Stacker.

If little chocolate donuts are the breakfast of champions, then this is the lunch.

Don't fret, they come as doubles, triples, or quads. Depending on what percentage of your arteries you want hardened.

  • paul

Relax and have good game, Geoff.


Pass up on any of those energy sappers, Geoff.

You know it’s Dylan’s birthday, don’t you?

If Dylan asked you, I am sure
you would gladly hand over

any greasy burger to him.

... and those burgers might very well be decorating his shirt... lol

Happy birthday, Dylan!

Jason French has been R-Willy's favourite target......

We have P-Rod, R-Willy and E-Jack......

Look out!

A big surprise to see Anthony starting at DE. He played LB in Calgary and in college so here's hoping he's up to the challenge at the new position. If he's gonna beat an OL 1.5x his size its gonna be with speed.
Is McKay still not at 100% after his injury a couple weeks ago? Maybe there will be some rotation with all 3 getting time

E-Jack isnt even listed on the roster yet so he wont be playing tonight.

And the LB, Knowlton, who is behind him, is 205 lbs and Tisdale on the outside 185 lbs.

If I were Montreal, I'd be running to that side.

How about Free Willy and letting call his own plays. :slight_smile:

No E-Jack. He's not on the depth chart. Hope that doesn't render the offense impotent.

But then again, there's Woodcock.

I'm expecting Bauman to be a favourite of Williams'. Just a feeling.

I'm happy my suggestion from after last weeks game, to put Dyakowski at guard and Cavka at tackle is actually being done!

I'm also happy to see JoJo Walker(or MoJo JoJo if I was to follow all these nickname thread around here) :lol:

I'm happy to see JoJo starting for the second game in a row after coming back from his elbow injury and being "released" and then added later the next day. He played really well last game and I hope he plays better today because we will really need it.

I look forward to seeing:

and mckay to have good games.

Its time to have fun!