July 3 Pre-game Party in Friendly Territory.

Okay, who would interested in having a place to have a pregame party where no one would bother you and the place would welcome Ticats fans...in the heart of Toronto?

I have a party room on the 24th floor of my condo, just 5 subway stops from the Rogers Centre. It holds 65 people,offers a great view of the city, has a hot tub and has a decent sound system.

The party would be BYOB and start at 3:00 pm, there would be a pizza pool for $5.00 will get you two huge slices?

Cossack and Tigger have attended functions at my place and they can vouch for the venue and the atmosphere.

All are welcome, so let me know if you are interested?

Making a little Lot J in TO for our Ticats.ca family.


If you're coming to Toronto to watch the game, I guarantee you that there will be no better way to kick off gameday. Incredible surroundings, and even better people. I'm in! :rockin: