July 29th Vs Toronto

both Rodgers and Holley were at practice today
Holley back would be nice
Rodgers back is pretty huge

Right now there are 2 major concerns I have on D before I see them winning a lot. Williams is a liability at this point...he may evolve, I don't know....Safety has been a disappointment IMO. Lots of bad reads. Hecht played pretty well last season, but when he has been in there I notice him for all the wrong reasons...which surprises me. Williams reacts well to things but anticipates nothing. Until one or both of those improve this D is in trouble. I really really fear what Ray could do to Williams.

Ray has the back to pick us apart, maybe there injuries are to much to over come though.


Time to go kick a field goal I guess

Do you have any insight as to why Eguavoen isn't starting? Are neither him or Dargan suited to take Williams spot? Dargan has played well so far as I can tell this season, at least I haven't seen him make any glaring mistakes, but he is a DB naturally, and in the past we have one hybrid LB (Lucas, Butler, Brack, Brown, Etc.) While the other side remains more of a natural LB (Mackenzie, Freeman, Knox, Etc.) Is this just Jones scheme? Or is Sam E. just not good enough to step in? I've always been really impressed by him, he seems to be an all around pretty solid player, what am I missing?

E has been hurt but was finally back last game...I would suspect he would have potential of starting this week as he did get reps.

IIRC both Dargan and Williams are DBs by trade...pretty common to move DBs there in the CFL, but when you do have someone with more background as a LB it is often on WIL, where Dargan plays...mainly because it does not require the same closing speed and obviously a lesser coverage ability

Dargan is likely far to slow for strong side, hence playing WIL...too bad because he does have good coverage skills and seems to anticipate well.

Kacy Rodgers was a guy I thought might pan out in SAM but when Cox got the deserved boot (massive massive blow to the D) it pretty much secured him in the secondary...and he has been very good there. That said, Butler stepped in last week in his place and looked surprisingly good. Not stunned he looked good because he looked good in camp, but for his first game I would say he well exceeded expectations. You might recall that in camp I figured Butler and Roberts looked like legit contenders in camp with Butler looking like he would start and Roberts depth. Both got injured in the last preseason game. Well...both are back and Butler is starting with Roberts on the PR.

Now, I did have Butler slotted on the other side...and I did think that Roberts might end up starting on that side as well...a tandem HB/CB. Of course they picked up Johnson, and he has been very good in there himself, but I figure Roberts is now going to grow behind him...I think that field side corner looks very good. Jonson and Rodgers are solid at corners, and it is looking like Butler could be as well. Then you had Gainey and HB and Lyles. Lyles has stepped in and is actually progressing fairly well. He is making mistakes, but he is progressing, so he is locked in there for now I would think. Secondary actually seems to have a good foundation right now with some depth for the future as well.

Thing is this...Butler looked good enough that Rodgers might now be a consideration at SAM...just my speculation. Nice situation that seems to be evolving there.

The other mystery to me is Moncrief...and I really should look into that a bit. The guy came in late to camp and was an immediate impact at SAM....just looked super play after play after play. Then they shifted him to Safety to take a look at what he could do in multiple roles...he may have been better there. He just seems for real. Sooooo...he ended up getting banged up as well and is now on the PR. By what he showed he seemed like he should 100% be starting...but why not??? Is he still dinged a bit...learning a bit more because he came into camp late...not picking the plays up...maybe they simply don't feel the same about him (I honestly can not see how)

So really I could see Moncrief or Rodgers moving in there...pure speculation and banter, I have not talked to anyone about that. Rodgers has been a stud though, so it might be hard to move him. I want to like Williams at SAM....He has a motor and a nose for the ball...but to me it just doesn't seem to be working in coverage. If they are going to leave him there then they have to entirely re-invent how they are using the safety....safety would need to play a little deeper and look for the crossing routes as a primary duty....that would cover William's weakness and might work really well and actually cause some turnovers....right now the safety spot has been useless in coverage.

At any rate, I do see a few options that I really believe would work well...now it is a matter of which way they go...but I really hope they know it does need addressed.

well...Williams went down in practice the other day, so he is out. I hate to see any player injured but am excited to see someone else get a shot at sam. Obviously a guy moving in there for the first time against Ray is a bit concerning, but what a test I guess lol. Buttler does seem a bit on the light side to play SLB....so I think that is something that should be a not to watch. While I was hoping to see Rodgers there I get it...he has been the best of the secondary.

not expecting a win... I will enjoy watching the game and adding to the noise level... Regina here we come!! again!! :rockin:

I entirely expect a win. Anything less is unacceptable in this one. I am not calling the Argos a bad team, but I do expect a win.

Absolutely depop
I think things will start to get real ugly with a loss. :cowboy:

If they can't win against an Argo team that got pretty banged up on D against Ottawa and compounding the issue only a four day week then this season is almost a complete write off. Sure the Argos are not a bad team and of course they will not just roll over for us but taking into account their situation a loss by us is simply not acceptable.

If Jones drops to a 3 man front more then a couple of times then just save us all the embarrassment of watching Ray shred us apart and forfeit the game.

I expect our offense to have a very good game again with the injuries to the Argos D. The issue will be can Glenn put up more points then Ray because again I'm not counting on our D to win this. All I can hope from the D is not to take 10 penalties for offside or PI and that they don't have 5 or more blown assignments leaving receivers undefended. That may be asking a lot from previous games experiences.

I do though expect us to win, perhaps like the Eskimos we may get the refs totally botched calls and challenges go our way, I know not much chance of that happening but you never know.

Did Jones only rush 2 on TO's first TD? That's colossally stupid if he did!

I don’t understand why jones doesn’t rush 4, must be paranoid about ray, or they still don’t have the right people for his defense

Just me or does Glenn look bad thus far? He is missing throws and it's making me nervous. I'm expecting a bad pick any time now.

With the field mouse you know them picks r coming - just don't know when! :cowboy:

As far as I'm concerned, way to close for a convincing win at home.........if they win??? :cowboy:

There's a win!!!
Keep going.
Go Riders Go :cowboy:

There's your trade , now, carter for franklin., Eskies would love a receiver like Duron, he's a real bright light to go with it, happy go lucky. Except I would hate to lose him , I think he's good for this team.

I doubt the Eskimos would go for a straight up trade for anyone on our team for Franklin but perhaps throw JSJ in the mix? If they would go for that I would do the deal in a heart beat. Sure Carter had a fantastic game and made an unreal catch and the dude certainly has talent but needs to show consistency. Where was that in the other 4 games and no I'm not referring to the circus catches as I don't expect him or anyone to make them on a game to game basis. I'm talking about the going out there and contributing with just solid play like Rosie does game in and game out. Heck I can put up with some trash talk by him if he backs it up with solid play. Still not a fan of it as other receivers make great catches and don't do it, but as I said at least if he was making good consistent plays I could let it slide.

It was a very good win which we needed but it still is a bit concerning that it took Sears to make a mental error that kept a drive alive to get the decisive score, otherwise I'm not so sure how this would have played out. Great and gutsy call on the short kick as it caught the Argos completely off guard, too bad they didn't make hay on it but it did kill time and wore down the defense even more.

Again a good win which we needed badly. Now lets hope they can do it in BC.