July 29th - Ticat Bandana Game for Wellwood Cancer Centre

Hi All:
The Ticats have stepped up again in support the fight against Cancer in Hamilton.
For a second year in a row CFL Fans Fight Cancer and the Hamilton Tiger Cats have joined forces to help the Wellwood Resource Centre.
Ticat Bandana's will be available this game and the games forward from Wellwood and Hamilton CFL Fans Fight Cancer Volunteers for $10 with a portion of the proceeds going to Wellwood in support of their free programs they offer.

CFLFFC will have the Ticat Bandana's available in the Scott Park Parking lot, just visit their tailgate.

What is Wellwood:
Wellwood Resource Centre- is a volunteer based centre in Hamilton that works in conjunction with Juravinski Cancer Centre to provide support to individuals addressing cancer and their families. Note: Wellwood has only 3 paid staff the rest are volunteers certified in the area they offer support in. They not only help the person with cancer they help kids and their brothers and sisters, spouses and extended family deal with cancer it's an amazing place. For more info or to donate directly please visit: http://www.wellwood.on.ca/ and "Like" them on facebook: Redirecting.... If you do donate directly please let Wellwood know you heard about them through CFLFFC.

Thanks and see you Friday! :rockin:
CFL Fans Fight Cancer - Helping our community through the game we love.

Bump for Bandana Night!
Wear'em on your head, neck, arm, leg anywhere and show your Ticat and Hamilton pride!

Very nice, super stuff! :thup:

Or you can wave them in the air and show you care!
Ticat and Hamilton Pride!
We'll have them in Lot J before the game and at tables (hopefully) at each gate.

Do you know exactly when they'll be open for sale? I'm going up to Valen's on Friday and coming back for the game, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get back into Hamilton early enough to pick one up.

They’re already advertising them on the Tiger-Town store website. You can’t buy them via the website yet, but they might be selling them at the store itself.

The bandana's will be available in Lot J before the game, inside the stadium we hope to have a Wellwood CFLFFC table at each gate during pregame and then during the game.

I hope this helps and thanks for everyones ongoing support! :thup:

Just finalized things with the team and our volunteers. Be looking for people either, in Lot J and in the stadium at tables or holding banadana's over their heads yelling "Ticat/Wellwood Bandana's..$10..Help Fight Cancer in Hamilton and support the Cats!"

We will either be wearing CFL Fans Fight Cancer shirts, or Wellwood shirts or colours (Green).

Please come and grab you bandana and if you get if from me I'll show ya how to wear it like a pirate! :rockin:
Sweat band, skull cap, wrist band or waving in the air...any way you display it you're supporting your Cats and Fighting Cancer you Hamilton by supporting Wellwood!

And as always thanks again for support your friends and neighours in their fight against cancer!

A long over due thank you to everyone who purchased a bandana. You generousity and dedication to the Ticats have set us well on our way to our goal this year.
Look for our volunteers in October when we have a Hamilton Ticat Scarf game benefiting Wellwood.

On behalf of Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre, CFL Fans Fight Cancer and the Ticats. Thank you!