July 28th vs. Calgary - a sellout

This should be a really loud game. Especially with Sat. evening (more liquid courage) and nice weather predicted. Where are the TSN decibel meters now?

If the Riders can keep the Stamps under 20 points, we may actually have a chance. :smiley:

Go Riders.

Imo this is the 2 best Ds in the league. Stamps sit #1 in most stats. Riders are 2 or 3 in no any others...set back by one game.

Stamps are like +11 in takeaways....nobody is close to them there. Control the ball. Minimize penalties. Do that and they are in this

Secondary needs to be tighter on deep stuff. Cats had them beat a lot there...BLM won't miss as many

A strong assault of continuous Running right from the start, then over the top and wide out passes will keep the Stamps off balance I believe.
Go Riders Go


I bet Mitchel would like (love) to burn Carter for some big plays. Hopefully he is too busy scrambling for his life with Hughes / Evans / Jefferson in hot pursuit.

Should be a good game.

I bet Carter would love to pick Bo off again. You know he will press it

I don't see Carter getting burned for a lot of huge plays now that they are assigning him better. Breaks happen, but you shouldn't see a lot like against the ORBs

Going to be watching this one close.
Calgary is an extremely ‘well polished’ team/system.
The Riders I think are still ‘unknown’ as a serious contender this season imo
This game and the 5 to follow will show their identity!
I mentioned earlier, I think a vicious assault up the middle will go a long way to keeping Calgary off balance.
Go Riders Go

Well that was an ugly 1st. quarter. 24-0!
The Stampeders have simply shown why they are the best in the CFL

Now we need a 2nd, half comeback again
Go Riders Go

Well that game showed me a lot.
We have an excellent Defense, 'one of the best' and a great field goal kicker.
Good running game.
Long way to go boys :-\

That was my first at the new mosaic. The stadium is impressive. I felt the old stadium was a bit more rowdy (I used to have season tickets in section 27 at the old stadium) but you get the luxury experience at the new one.

Too bad they didn't pull it out. I thought they might at half time but hats off to Calgary for putting the game away. If only that int by Butler would've stood it might have been a different outcome.

Agree. Way more atmosphere at the old Mosaic IMO.

Credit where credit is due.. stamps sucked the life out early. Also...get on the field in some fashion if you ever get the chance. The stadium us designed to resonate in for both concerts and games. I assure you that it is louder on the sidelines than the old barn

They don't trust bridge. They finally admitted this publicly after the game. I don't blame them. You can't throw 64mph 34 feet away and expect a catch. They give him all checkdowns because of his decisions deep.

Going in...key to this game was turnovers. Winning the turnover battle didn't really matter...the key was ball control. 2 fumbles out of th gate lol. Beyond that...even with the punt return...riders were the better team. Stupid penalties negated turnvers as well. This should have been a win...even with a ball security offense.

Calgary is the best when it comes to situational football and capitalizing on mistakes. In the first quarter it was the fumble then the long bomb for a touch down. They do this game in and game out much to the annoyance of other teams around the league

yup...that is why I said control the ball before the game...not win the turnover battle.

Funny thing is that this is exactly the offense they ran. One can knock MacAdoo all they want but this one is not on him. His last few games he has called a fairly good game. The goal this game was not to make the big mistake...they dropped the ball 2 times early

  • First drive...3rd and one...fumble. One can argue that maybe Messam should have been in, but Thigpen had the yard...it was therefore a fine call. He dropped it.
  • Next fumble was Messam breadloafing a ball. Fumble.

That is 2 field of the Stamps starting in FG range.

Busted assignment on PR...which BTW should have come back...but that happens...part of the game

It was the perfect storm in the first really.

The Stamps never really moved the ball a whole bunch...the D was outstanding.

2 momentum killing time counts...they weren't even close to getting those plays off. At home. Not acceptable.

Bridge throwing 60mph 35 feet...get some touch or hit in the numbers...nothing else is being caught. With Bridge's size he should be living on 7-15 yard passes over the middle...but he doesn't know how to lead with a bullet or simply take a little off. They were setting that play up all game with the quick stuff. The Stamps stopped putting anyone deep...he couldn't hit jack. That is not on the OC....and I say that as a person who has expressed distain for Mac since the day he was hired....that won't blind me from saying that right now...he is not the issue...at this time.

As much as I don't love how the O is being called...I can't say that they were running a bad O...because first q aside this was largely a Riders game. And no...the Stamps never idled when they were up 24. maybe for a bit...until the pick 6

I will say this...The Rider team never quit...that means that the locker room is probably fine and players are still buying into the system. 24-0 they could have just folded....they fought back.

As many mistakes as the Riders made...as much as they shot themselves in the foot....and kudos to the Stamps for making them pay when they did...the Riders were still very much in this one. It was 24-19 and Butler just picked the ball off and there is that stupid contact. Result...Calgary in tight, TD. That one was a killer.

Too many mistakes, too many turnovers and too many stupid penalties - KILLED the Riders in the first quarter.

Oh well, at least the weather and atmosphere at New Taylor Field was fantastic. Still had a good time. Still cheering hard. Always a fan. I will NEVER boo the home team. NEVER.

Now on to the Evil Empire. Next.