July 26th

Hey Ti-Cat fans!
Looking forward to another whacky season!

My friends and I wanted to make a Toronto sport weekend. We wanted to catch a Jays game and a game where the Als are in the neigborhood. Unfortunately, we can't take that much time off, and the game in Toronto, falls on a Friday in August, and the next Jays game is on the following Tuesday, while the other game lands in October, when the MLB season is over.

June 26th though, the Jays play at 1 in the afternoon, and the Als are in Hamilton at 7 that night.

I was wondering how hard would it be to get tickets for that game? Since it's the season opener , and Ivor Wynne isn't the biggest facility? Would we be able to get tickets from scalpers, or are the tickets hot sellers?

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks guys.

By the way. The Als will crush the Ti-Cats over and over again this season! :twisted: :lol:

You could walk up and get some or lots from scalpers too at cost probably. Get them ahead of time if you want to be sure but if not you will have no problem walking up at game time. It will be pretty full but tickets will around for sure

You will have no problem getting tickets just before the game. No need to talk to any scalpers either. Just go to the ticket windows on Beechwood or Balsam. You will actually have a better chance of getting the more expensive seats as opposed to the cheap seats as the cheap seats will always sell much quicker than the expensive ones.

Don't you mean June 26th ?

Thanks guy!

Look forward to it then.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

LOL good luck with that July 26 Hamilton vs. Montreal game :stuck_out_tongue: (For one Hamilton plays July 25 and secondly against Edmonton)

Also good luck on June 26 as the Blue Jays play at 7pm as does the Hamilton/Montreal game. I have no problem if Montreal beats Hamilton on the 26 of July... :lol: cuz it must a game in made up in your head :stuck_out_tongue:

You're right. I noticed that after I had posted it. I think I saw June and July or something. Either way, I got really confused. But one thing I know I'm not confused on, is the fact that MTL will stomp the Cats :lol: 4 games against them, that means 8 easy points for us 8)


I have two tickets in box c that I can't use that night. If you want them, send me some way to contact you