July 26th REFUNDS (a how to)

ya, looking for one.... please...

My wife bought a pair of tickets (on ticketmaster) to what was supposed to be the home opener on July 26th.

How do we go about getting this refund/credit that's been bandied about online.

No details yet. At least not that I’ve heard. I also bought a pair of tickets to this game, in addition to my season seats.

they shouldn't refund the tickets. they should automatically go over to the eventual home opener.

I have season tickets. I want my money back for the games missed. I do not want a credit. I already gave the team hundreds of dollars months ago, I'd could use that cash back. No way I'n letting it sit on my account as a credit until next summer.

They can't just transfer the tickets to the eventual home opener for several reasons. First of all, they don't even know when that will be. Second, single game tickets have been sold for all the games. There's no guarantees that the same seats are available for every game. Third, not everyone has a free schedule and can attend every game. Loads of people will want cash back.

Tim Hortons Field will not be ready now until Labor Day Guaranteed, it's a P.R. nightmare for the team and those with an investment in the new venue and fans on the hook. They should just refund the fans for the games paid for until the stadium is ready to go and hopefully by Labor Day, no sense in rushing now to accommodate fans if the stadium isn't ready to use and hasn't cleared the building dept in Hamilton?

Any one who has prepaid parking would and should get refunds for games missed.

The only way i'll accept a credit is if the team guarentees another price freeze. If prices go up next year they can easily build the credit into it. I'll have a tough time justifying that to our group of 12, as i already have a tough enough time dealing with the "4 spots on the legacy wall" situation.
I dont blame the team one bit for this delay, i will judge them on how they handle their customers. Starting with the Mac games.
I have a feeling they will be overpriced and an affordable price freeze for THF will mean overpaying or not going to Mac.

[url=https://twitter.com/ticatmitchell/status/486326614557741056]https://twitter.com/ticatmitchell/statu ... 4557741056[/url]

I will be insisting on reimbursement for the preseason and all regular season games resulting from stadium delay debacle. The most frustrating aspect is this whole situation could gave been avoided if the stadium was built at the West Harbour.

Mitchell, with all the losses the Cats absorbed in 2013 by playing in Guelph and losses expected this year, was objecting the West Harbour Stadium development really worth it?

Since West Harbour would have been such an access disaster that it would have killed the team, yeah, I think they made the right decision.

The whole situation also could have been avoided if the stadium were built at Confed Park or East Mountain or even the airport site, but those options were thwarted.

8) Naturally,they should.
8) There was no pre-season game ticket even included in the season ticket package this year !!
  If you were really  a season ticket holder, you would obviously know that fact !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

From the Spec

If you have tickets

Those who have tickets for the July 26 or 31 games will find out on Tuesday how the Ticats plan to get down to the 6,000 who can attend the games at McMaster.

Team CEO Scott Mitchell says the Cats will first ask fans if they want to go or if they would like a refund or credit. Once they know how many ticket holders wish to attend, they'll begin the process of sorting out who goes and to which game or games.

"We're already getting the feeling that the demand for tickets at Mac will be outstanding," Mitchell says.

So Mitchel is fixing one rotten can of worms by replacing it with another rotten can of worms :roll:

Why not just reschedule the two games for later in the season at THF?

I want a full refund, there is no reason this build wasn't completed on time, they had two freaking years, its not a 120k seat stadium !

How could they re-schedule? Impossible - that would involve Ottawa and Winnipeg having to re-schedule too and creating all kinds of problems for them. This way it only affects Hamilton, everyone that bought tickets for the two games gets refunded and they do another lottery for the two games.

Rick Zamperin just said on 900 that Fans will receive a credit or refund (your choice) for both games and will also get to attend 1 of the 2 games @ Mac If thats the case im fine with that! its expected to be announced later today :cowboy:

Based on what?

Clearly the IBI study showed tons more parking than what the current site has.

Street access is very similar to the current location ( Barton st, Cannon st, King and Main all being the main streets. WH is just a few blocks from the 403

Transit access is much better downtown.

Not to mention the continuing momentum, and redevelopment of the waterfront and downtown, something that is not happening at the IWS despite all the precinct talk of a seniors centre and school.

Even without the stadium, the current Barton-Tiffany urban design is calling for added streets and beautifully designed access ways that link downtown with the waterfront. Obviously, with a stadium there, those designs would have been geared towards stadium access.

Without all that, Copps Coliseum can host just under 20,000 people and Super Crawl host tens of thousands more.

And remember, IWS used to hold 33,000 people, never mind the more recent number of 29,000, significantly more than the new stadiums capacity.

Clearly access to WH is not an issue.

They should just automatically refund everybody who has purchased tickets for these games,then as a goodwill gesture announce that there will be a resale of 6,000 tickets or whatever exact capacity is per game at Mac at a cost of only $50.00 a ticket,first come,first served.I mean the team honestly can't expect fans to pay full price for something that they're not delivering,through no fault of their own can they? No matter what they decide to do it's going to leave a lot of fans on the outside looking in,so to me it makes sense to say no to a lottery for tickets,a refund for every ticket sold and a total resale of all seats available at a reduced cost to the fan.Granted there will still be some pissed off customers,but at least it will be a good will gesture on the part of the team and when the new stadium finally officially opens up then they can go back to the official prices that were assigned at the brand new 100% completed stadium.I mean you can't promise someone a Prime "A" steak dinner with all the fixings then serve them a Big Mac and fries for the same cost.The team shouldn't have a problem selling out Mac with the small capacity,but on the other hand there will be just as many people or more that will say thanks but no thanks,so you increase demand by decreasing the ticket price give everybody a chance at purchasing tickets if they feel so inclined and if they don't at least they get their money back automatically no questions asked and the team hopefully saves a little face in the process.

Preseason tickets for the game at Mac were priced at $43.50, and those were halfway into the endzone.

The Ti-Cats have a tough job in trying to balance adequate business revenue while accommodating fans during the stadium transition.

I can't fathom how much money they've been losing during this stadium process.

In terms of access and other issues at the WH location, found this from The Hamiltonian which is interesting especially some of the comments:

Herman Turkstra- on Proposed Plans for the West Harbour

...Like Toronto Island, people come to the West Harbour from the dense heavily populated parts of Hamilton for respite, not to shop. There are malls, power centres, BIA's like Ottawa, Westdale, Locke and Concession, Dundas, Ancaster, throughout the City to absorb all the shopping dollars we can afford. I can argue that every dollar spent on these new retail shops is a dollar taken from an existing business in Hamilton. But the key point is that what the West Harbour shoreline and Confederation Park shoreline do is provide relief. They do so today without millions of tax dollars being spent speculating on retail demand. Wishful building for retail demand takes up open space, takes up fresh air, takes up room to stretch, space that once built on, can never be retrieved. Some wit once said that God is not making any more land. Certainly, no City is creating open space in this century. The growth and population pressures are simply too strong. That's why every square foot of open space in Hamilton should be treated as belonging to our grandchildren. We should do nothing more than borrow it to use it as the "lungs of city life" for now and ensure it gets to them in one piece. ...

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    ...Allan TaylorApril 09, 2014
    Sorry but NEN has blocked every development for DECADES. Herman is a rich guy flexing his muscles to protect his privacy on our land. He is responsible for it being almost impossible to access Pier 4 and Bayfront Park because that is what he wants and to hel;l with the rest of Hamilton. Nes flash. The entire city paid for that park and we'll come and use it if we want. Its not our fault we have to cut through neighbourhoods with children to get there, Thats all a part of the traffic calming measures designed to keep out the unclean. I do go down occasionally but its damned near impossible to get to and completely impossible without going through his precious neighbourhood in my car. When folks down there wake up and realize they are a part of a city and that densification is mandatory for everyone including them then I'll quit ranting at Herman
[url=http://www.thehamiltonian.net/2014/04/herman-turkstra-on-proposed-plans-for.html]http://www.thehamiltonian.net/2014/04/h ... s-for.html[/url]
  • April 10, 2014