July 26 vs Hamilton

Changes to 46-man roster from last week
ON: 2 Smith*, 27 Suber*, 30 Clark*, 87 Carroll
OFF: 38 Jackson*, 45 Antwi, 84 Haidara, 88 Smith*

Interesting to see Clark back on. Gable is apparently playing so I guess they want depth at LB...probably smart.

Awesome to see Carroll going from playing to off the roster to back on the 46

It is not obvious who the 7th Canadian will be...6 on O or 5...so pretty hard to guess who sits. Looking like they are going to attempt going with 6, which should mean Demski is playing.

The already troubled secondary is a real patchwork this week...hoping they integrate see some extra blitz packages or it could be a long day.

Any word on Nic Demski? I heard he was practiceing again.

havent heard anything rock solid...i believe he will make the 44 though. If I was a betting man I would put a beer on it.

To put a positive spin on Steinhauer’s injury is that it allows the Riders to dress a National that might see some more reps. Might be a negative impact on STs though

Sure hope so especially with Jackson out as a returner.

I am torn if it is a good move putting Demski on returns or not. It is almost a guarantee that he will be though...he sure is exciting with some open space

it is like watching Dressler or even Smith return...they are great but you do worry about injury on returns...that said, put your best players in positions to make plays...injury be damned

Well regardless of roster, Riders need a win period! This weekend in the CFL has turned out quite favorable for the Riders... If they can win, they are only 4 points out of second place (Eskimos have a game in hand so not counting them). I'm not worried about series series with anyone at this point, just plain win baby. Team has been stating that "they are close". Time to turn "close" into a winning a streak.

Calgary has Cornish out now
BC second guessing now with offence sputtering and the 3rd down gamble that went awry
Winnipeg has no back up QB if Willy out for extended period
Despite Edmonton's win today, QB controversy? Not sure who will start for Esks next week?

Anyway... Now is the time to put some wins together starting tomorrow. West teams showing cracks right now and it's time to gain ground before Labor Day!


The question is can the front 4 put enough pressure on there QB? Lets face it, if they can it will hurry him and maybe mistakes are made, just saying. With all the new faces on d may a good thing maybe not, we will have to see how they gel this game. With R Smith back it gives Glenn that extra comfortable target, Dressler and Glenn seemed to gel last week-end add a few extra receivers and he should put good points on the board.

It all comes down to the D.

Go Riders!

Totally agree

I friend made an interesting point last night that I had not observed. We were talking about the Taj thing and we chatted about how we knew he had been a little knicked up but assumed he would eventually work out of it but probably was simply nagging at him....anyways, he says that Glenn looked passed him a couple of times when he was fairly open and one time threw into pretty tight coverage which resulted in an INT. He believes that Glenn had avoidance in the back of his head...especially if an athletic play might be required, due to the issue with what we assume is still his knee. If it is true it is a pretty keen observation and replacing that player opens up a lot of doors and puts the QB at lot more at ease.

Based on previous games...this O should be pretty explosive.
The Esks/Als/TiCats are on a whole other plain of defense so far this season...nobody touches them...and the Cats have done it with injury...so this is going to be a massive test for the Riders to see if this O is for real, as the Argo D is the best they have been up against and it is not exactly super strong.
What has been the success of these 3 teams on D? BLITZING....PRESSURE....BLITZING
Most teams have backed off because of the basic requirement to do more zone this season...working effective blitz packages into zone can be tough, and is something that the young Chamblin has never really had to work with in his time in the CFL...this is where he should have gotten an older DC to help out...someone who saw this years ago....hell...even on a consultant basis. I understand the mentality of backing off and trying to do a good zone...tough task on a CFL field...blitz!
Cats have a great run D...so if the Riders can establish a solid run game yet again that is massive. They need to blitz, they need to keep hands off of Glenn....
#1 Rushing team Vs #1 Rush D
#1 Passing team Vs #2 Pass D

I think the Riders can give Glenn the time. I think they can move the ball and hopefully do something in the red zone. The Riders are the most penalized team with the worst pass coverage in the league...clean those up a little and you win. Combine that with getting more than 1 sack and maybe winning the turnover battle (they are -4 with 1 INT, 0 Fumble recoveries).

In short...the D needs to finally do something.

Look for Hamilton to bring the heat lots. Very important to get yards on the 1st down plays and not be forced into second and long. O line and Rb’s will need to step up on picking up the extra defenders. Quick hitters, screens, draws, get the ball out quickly and let the receiver try to gain yards after the catch. Richardson, Messam, are good big bodies that can break a few tackles and could chew up some real estate. Throw in the odd deeper ball to keep the D honest. Smith and Dressler.

On the defensive side yes the D line must get in Collaros face all game and not allow him a comfort zone to find receivers. He can pick the D apart if given time. Austin is a pass first, pass second, and run third option coach. He has shown that time and time again over the years. Limit the success of the passing game and you stop their offense.

If this team is going to turn this around it has to start with this game. Edmonton next week and looks like a Qb controversy could be in the making. Good that Franklin got to play the better part of the second half as it gives some film on him. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get the start or if Nichols shows signs of struggling then Franklin will be in.

As I said it’s time to get the monkey off this teams back and go into a week where there isn’t as much controversy. A solid win here would certainly help in that, a loss though and things will just get worse and the pressure to make a change even greater.

This game could show whether the players want to have Cory as a coach or not. A poor showing or worse a blow out and it could be a sign that he has loss the room. Something fans and the media will not miss questioning I’m sure.

Well like I predicted Hamilton is bringing the blitz and often. If the Riders don"t pick it up better and keep Glenn clean we may be down to our third stringer before this one is done.

Again just brutal tackling and run stopping. Connop needs to be done. Hate to say it but was not upset to see him forced out of the 1st half. Gable is killing them with the run and look for Collaros to pull the ball and take off more ala Lulay. Hall had bitten hard on it at least twice in this one all ready. I think its a case that they don't trust Connop to get the job done on the inside and cheat to help out. That is not a good situation and if someone is not able to do his job get him off the F**ken field and get some one in that can.

No more covering for the deadwood anymore, everyone must step up and do their job or be gone period.

Lucky to tied at the half I think but they must find another gear yet. Get Messam far more involved and get the D line off of Glenn's back.

What is wrong with Brackenridge and his tackling? He has blown more tackles then a hooker does on a Saturday night.

Oh man and another bad pick at a costly spot on the field.

Wow dodged a big bullet there. Thanks to a stupid and selfish penalty by Banks

Glenn now out that could be the death dagger.

This is gut check time for the D. They must not allow a major. Riders now need to rely on their run game. Smith may be all right but against this kind of heat they can't afford a turnover, need to secure the ball and run as much time off as they can.

Another blown tackle by Brack to allow a first down just brutal.

Why would you tack a 5 yard penalty that close to your own goal on a 1st down play. Put them in 2nd and long and don’t give them another shot. They get burned

I feel sick

This defense couldn't stop a member of Ashley Madison from committing adultery.