July 26 Game

Hi Rider Fans 4 of us are coming from Hamilton to see this game in that stadium before its gone lets hope for a good game where is the fun at on Saturday Nights before games ? Herd you guys are great hosts :slight_smile:

Almost as good as Hamilton hosts.

Shame it is for a Sunday game, but it will still be fun. Swing by the stadium early for some wobbly pops and light two way ribbing.

I was able to finally get to Ivor Wynne in 2012 before they knocked her down and had an experience that I’ll never forget. You are likely in for something similar.


I hope you have a wonderful trip and time on your visit and enjoy the experience except for course a minor detail of the Ticats losing. Heck we may be good hosts but we still have to hope the Riders win. :wink:

You are welcome to come down but we cannot guarantee that your allegiance to the Ti-Cats will remain afterwards. :smiley:

Black and Gold till Im Dead And Cold :slight_smile: but yeah these 2 teams have the best fans in the CFL its gonna be a hella good time had by all thats for sure and hey we are coming to your home im sure we will hear ribbing we can take it , its crazy in skydump when we go to Argo / Cat games. BTW Argos DREAM of fans like in Regina and Hamilton :rockin:

PS Who is Regina's biggest Rivalry id think Winnipeg