July 22 Tiger-Cats @ Alouettes Postgame Thread

Please keep all general postgame discussion about tonight's game between the Tiger-Cats/Alouettes in this thread.

Kicking game stinks receivers drop balls worst running game in the cfl. Cobb stinks never seen an RB who consistantly cant get 1 yrd. Cobb has to go asap one hit wonder

Ok, so with 12 minutes left they decide to put Porter in...down by 21 I'm sure that this game is over, but why the hell would you give up on KG so early?

I think our coaches have made some bonehead calls I.e. The 3rd and 2 run....I really am starting to think our biggest problem is (offensive) coaching. You need to put your players in a position to succeed. And I'm certainly not seeing it!

I agree.....no way Calvillo would come out in the same situation...it sends a "we lost...we quit"...message..

Wow, that was tough to watch.

1-3 at the result of a slaughter going into Saskatchewan who are 3-0

14 games to go to cue this much ballyhooed turnaround.


Exactly. Glenn should have been given one more drive. MTL started to play off, and soft allowing the TD drive, but Glenn should have been given at least one more. Playcalling is bad, and Cobb needs to sit. I love the guy, but he just doesnt hit the hole..very hesitant..the 2nd and 2 play where Chip Cox was in the hole and Cobb tried to juke insted of going through him shows right there how much confidence Cobb has right now.

Kicking is bad...deflating to an offense, deflating to a team.
Dropped passes hurt again. Still not sold on James..hes a speed guy so lets stretch the field with him. Not even a play called to stretch the field..especially with MTL cheating up on the short stuff since the 2nd Q.
Cobb needs to sit and Thigpen needs to play. Cobb doesnt hit the hole hard enough. Teams are starting to avoid Thigpen enough on the teams to a point where Thigpen should play RB consistently. Cobb shouldnt be back on kickoffs either.

Immense disappointment, in my books.
All key points have been mentioned above.

This is EXACTLY why the team and city can't whine when 22,000 show up at the game. So far we've had a blowout, a close loss, a decent win and a blowout. That doesn't sell seats.

Who wants to go watch a consistent loser?

One .500 season out of 5 is not a committment to winning...

They deserve precisely what they get!

As long as Mr. Calvillo is leading the Als, they will be champions. If Calvillo goes down, they will be vulnerable. Brutal but simple truth.

Defence was good Tonight

Every thing else was not good end of Story ..

Don't get me wrong, I'm not turning on them yet -- nor am I going to offload my ticket package. But this is a 'contending' year and we're 1-3?? I'm just saying that the organization should be rolling out the red carpet to anyone walking through the gates of the stadium.

No problem,there's always Saskatchewan!


I'm not condoning this start or heralding this team as a guaranteed winner... BUT....

We are 2 games below .500.

Last year we were 3 games below .500 at 6-9.

We finished at 9-9.

I wouldn't panic quite yet.

It's official folks.. the Cats are not good enough.

No panic here, but I've seen a lot more out of the Argos than I have out of us, so far. And the object is to make the playoffs.

I wouldn't call this one a blowout at all. For three quarters, the game was most definitely within reach for Hamilton. Your defense played a ferocious game until the fourth quarter, when a few mistakes (Watkins TD) and general wear and tear cost you the game.

I mean, at one point, we had blocked a punt and forced a Glenn fumble but only came away with 6 points. The defense was hella tough. Offense and special teams let you down IMO.

Coles notes re-cap:

  1. Cat's played well in the 1st half
  2. Cat's completely fizzled in the 2nd half, fumbles, blocked kicks, no D-secondary, no Offence, dropped passes !!!

Nuff said

I agree. I think it's going to be Toronto and Montreal fighting for 1st place in the East. On the positive side, I dont see a Western cross-over happening this year, so Hamilton's playoff chances may be alive in November.

I would not panic if there was SOME part of the team other than the defense that was even close to Montreal. Completely outclassed in almost EVERY aspect of the game...therefore PANIC!