July 22, 2010

5:30am - Wake Up
6:05am - Get picked up by my friend Brian for the ride to the Denville Train Station
6:20am - Get the NJ Transit train to Penn Station, New York - $14.00 - 75 minute train ride
8:15am - Get the Amtrack 69 Train (Adirondack) to Montreal - $49.50 with discount code - 11 hour train ride
7:20pm - Arrive Montreal Central Station
7:25pm - Check my bag with the bellhop at the Queen Elizabeth (I wasn't staying there, just a good place to leave my bag)
7:30pm - Flag down an empty bus heading up to Molsom, the driver is kind enough to let me on before he gets to the first pickup spot
7:40pm - Arrive at Molsom Stadium
7:50pm - Got a beer before heading to my seat
7:55pm - Get to my seat in Y1, Row 16 just in time to see the TiCats kick a FG to make it 6-3. The stadium looks GREAT! Big smile on my face as I sit back to watch 2 1/2 hours of great CFL football.

I have made the trip up from NJ to see the Al's about 10 times now (including the '08 Grey Cup) and i LOVE it every time. I still hope to get to Lambeau some day to see the greatest team in the NFL at the greatest venue in the NFL, but tonight its all about the greatest team in the CFL at the greatest venue in the CFL. Worth every penny!

I’m thrilled you enjoyed your trip and CFL expierience in Montreal. :thup: One day I will go to an NFL game to watch the New York Jets play in the meadowlands. I love football. :rockin: