July 19 vs SSK REVENGE.

Alright. This loss sucks.
One of the most “wasted effort? games I’ve ever seen. Can’t settle for field goals when we are dominating the game and our defence holds them to 12pts for most of the game!

That being said, in two weeks it’s our turn. Let’s pack out THF -show up and show out! This was a trap game, we got a bye week, then practice week, then game time!

Back our boys! We got this.

I got Cats by 21 July 19

More like ex-Ticats revenge (Thigpen & Hughes) :-[

There is a good chance Collaros will be back for this game, we all know he will want to be in it

Isn't Collaros on the six game IL? Did they pull him off early?

Yes he is, but he can come off early, with what we know of Zack,
I am sure he would want to play in this game at THF.

Zack >>>>>>>>>> Bridge/Watford

"Teams have the option to remove 2 players from the 6-game injured list before their 6-game period is completed. If they do so, the player's salary while on the injured list counts against the salary cap."


Very good chance Collaros will be ready to go for this game.

Super excited for this game! Currently 8 months pregnant, so this will be the only game I’ll get to go to this year, so we better win!

Also excited to see Masoli break the record with 10 300+ yard games!

I don't care if he passes for under 199 yards, as long as we win the game...

Ticats’ Jones ponders changes for rematch against Riders
Posted onJuly 14, 2018bySteve Milton

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats return to practice Sunday morning for the first time in 10 days, preparing to ride in the CFL’s early-season Rematch Rodeo.

Before the first Saskatchewan game, June Jones wasn’t sure how much he was going to alter his playbook for next week’s déjà vu.
“It’s going to be interesting,? he said. “I think some of it will change. But at the same time, you’re going to do the things that you did well in game one, and probably throw out some of the things you didn’t do well, and tweak it from there. This is a first for me, playing the same team two weeks in a row. A least there’s a bye in there.?

We’d suggest a couple of changes: a second-half running game that was as good as the first quarter’s and starting at least one offensive drive on the good side of centre field.

CFL statistics released before this week’s games contained both positive and negative indicators for the Ticats, which makes some sense for a team that sits at .500.

The Ticats are the only team in the league which hasn’t generated a point from a turnover; they are third-last in turnovers created, with only five; Jones is 0-for-4 in challenged calls; and Hamilton ranked last in fourth-quarter points per game.

On the other side of the ledger, the Ticats led in first-half scoring and time of possession; their defence led the league in fewest plays allowed and ranks second in yards per game against; Jeremiah Masoli was only marginally behind Mike Reilly in passing yards and Brandon Banks led in both targets and receptions.


I doubt we will see Concusallros play on Thurs. Chris Shultz was on TSN 1150 the other day and mentioned he thinks Zach will not be back for a couple more weeks. You never know though. I would hate to see Zach come back before he is ready and risk another concussion and his career end.

that's a brain injury, not a nickname... c'mon man....

What you'd hate more (based on that distasteful comment) is for him to play and light us up Thursday night.

Lighten up people. If you took your focus of what you perceive as wrong you would read that I would hate to see Zach return too soon and risk more injury. Whether that be against us or any other team.

This is a statement game for us. If we win-we're on the right path; if we lose-its the same old ticats with different faces but similar results of past years.

We want the win and the 10 game record for Masoli - that is how a champion views it! 8)

Hey, we get it. It’s fun to mock people who sustain brain injuries while trying to entertain you and playing for the team you cheer for.

Let’s take it easy, fellows, sometimes a thought sounds better in your head then staring back at you in black and white.

Welcome to the innernet where everyone is allowed to speak . Perhaps some should just listen and maybe learn . “Put your head down Ralph” is not bad advice when thoughts are hard to come by or when your worm went into your mouth and you ate it. Miss Hoover of the Simpsons was a saint !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

It was a joke people, apparently not a funny one. My Bad.

It would be cool to see Zack back this week though!