July 17th vs Lions

Chart is up...
Tsidale, West, Regimbald, Vonk, Haidara
Miller, Brown, Steinhauer, Kankolongo, Carroll

Demski likely sits...have heard Jackson likely wouldnt be in if Brown was not out...though he did practice full out, so who knows.

Can you provide anything about Dan West. I heard another national was signed but I've never heard of this guy (does that tell me we're getting absolutely skinny at National depth)????

Carrol out and Haidara in. Injury related or just switching things up.

Be a good day when demski can return and we start getting guys back instead of adding to our 6 man list.

Our 6 man list by the way is almost as big as a roster and they are too many talented players sitting out. When you add that into our 0-3 start you have to admit we've been switching 4-6 players per game and its more a rotating door and guys need time to familiarize themselves.

Hollins..............like the way it is going for him so far.

Want to see more Derek Walker. When we push 4 with Goerge and Walker things seem to happen................but we barely can use this combo. Tennant seems to be a load but needs footspeed, he is good at initial contact but then these OLman just eat him up. Anyways I hope to see Lulay running for his life.

If we can run the ball through Bighill and Solomin like last week.........keep doing it.

Bagg, Taj, Getz........time to get involved whether with the ball or blocking. People forget how good Getz is as a blocker!

I agree...

West was with the Bombers for a few seasons. He is a pretty good ST guy and I think will basically be looked at as a contingency at Safety...pretty sure that is going to be a National there tomorow. I also believe, don't hold me to this, that he can do LS duties...and the Riders are of course down their backup. That said, Vonk is 46ed and I think he does LS as well.

Carrol - As far as I know it was just a changeup. He was practicing...that said he is not on the roster...so not sure. If I dont hear something in the next hour or so I will check it all out a lil better. Guessing his name got lost when transfering to PR

Hollins has looked really good and I am a bit surpriosed Norman is not 46ed this week as well. Hollins looks like he could have some longer term staying power as he develops.

Totally agree on Taj, Getz and Bagg. Other receivers are putting up points and stats. Getz has some points but poor stats. No reason for him to continue to drop the ball. Demski looks like a replacement for one of the two nationals, whomever is replaced to backup duty.

Glenn is not typically a deep perimeter passer...that is going to take those guys numbers down some...the least effected will be Getz. If his numbers don't improve much he is still on pace for 750 yards...and he generally has 2 or 3 bigger games each year.

2 touchbacks and a missed FG....nice

7 rushes for 102 yards Lulay. Still not the O's fault.

Chamblin's bread and butter has let him down.

Former Rider OC and DC 3 - Camblin 0

PS. Paul 8 for 9, still better than what Milo has had in years.

Said it time and time again....Connop. the ran at him all night
Gets drops some
Most pathetic sense of urgency and clock management in the history if sports
Just all in all a team loss...brutal

Redding seemed solid...lack of penalty on Jackson penalty is sickening but by no means a game changer

Yup the old man is making me eat my words. Not upset to do so in any way. Paul was probably one of the best player on the field tonight. Now that is a sad statement. Oh Messam was very solid and Allen had one good run at the end of the half, which he fumbled by the way and Best had to jump on the ball. Dressler was Dressler and God only knows why they didn't get him the ball more. Glenn was telegraphing his passes and should have had at least 2 more picks if not even 3 and was no where near accurate enough to hit some key passes when needed.The O line was not terrible but was having trouble handling the Lions D line. The defense though again showed the same poor tackling on many plays and to allow Lulay to run willy nilly without a concern of getting hit was embarrassing. He made the D line and the LB look stupid to say the least.

Maze screwed the pooch again on a blown coverage and we have players dropping like flies in every game. I swear to God if Chamblin comes out with that nugget of "Oh we were so close again but just couldn't finish" I will flip my Sh** If Lulay wasn't so inaccurate on some of the deep balls this game could have been a blow out for the Lions. That is the facts of the matter.

Not sure if the team can take this on the chin much longer with out folding up the tents and just going through the motions. I saw hints of it happening in this game.

This is another team loss. No one is blameless. Don;t give a damn they had 26 first downs and 500 yards of offense. If they can't finish the drives with TDs who cares? 26 first downs, had the ball for 33 minutes, could only score 24 pts. The offense is FAR from blameless. 3 dropped passes, 4 if you count Dressler not squeezing the INT. Glenn still getting away with forced passes into tight coverage, was very lucky not to throw 3 or 4 picks. Playcalling generally very good but the short yardage fancy-dancy BLST has to stop!

Defensively the execution was good except for biting on the play action WAY too much. Almost every one of Lulay's runs was play action read. Alex Hall was fooled more than once. Hall in particular struggled all night. No excuse for the D to get burned on the same play 5 or 6 times in one game, not just Hall but also Chick (but that one was a REALLY good fake). Only 1 glaring busted coverage deep that I remember, the long one to Arceneaux. Lions only had 127 yards passing (48 on 1 play!) and only 9 first downs over the last 3 quarters. Riders D did their best job of the year so far of getting off the field.

Special teams looked good except for the 2nd half kickoff and Early messing up the onside. Punt cover was outstanding and they also came within a c-hair of blocking both of the last 2 punts. But that 2nd half kickoff was a big blow that put them behind the 8 ball for the entire 2nd half.

What the hell was the deal with running a handoff from the shotgun around their own 30 with no time left in the half? Just kneel out FFS. Instead Allen (too slow to outrun the pursuit) tries to fight off 4 guys and fumbles (again!!). It's the end of the half just go down. Lucky that it happened 40 yards down the field and Chris Best(?) had hustled to follow the play and recover.

This is a team loss. Forget about it. Get ready for the Cats.

Dressler didn't have his best night. The interception was on him, right thru the hands and he missed two catches where he did not make the proper adjustment.

The defense though again showed the same poor tackling on many plays and to allow Lulay to run willy nilly without a concern of getting hit was embarrassing. He made the D line and the LB look stupid to say the least.
That was nothing to do with tackling, I only recall one missed tackle of Lulay and I think it was Brackenridge. Most of Lulay's yards were big open field gaps with a hook slide. I only recall one bonafide scramble. But I totally agree biting on the SAME play action all night was embarrassing.
Maze screwed the pooch again on a blown coverage and we have players dropping like flies in every game.
That was the ONLY real bust in the coverage all night. The secondary was good. Hollins was awesome. Carter was admirable after Jackson went down and better than what would have been expected from him.
Not sure if the team can take this on the chin much longer with out folding up the tents and just going through the motions. I saw hints of it happening in this game.
I did not see any quit. These losses are getting old fast tho.

Well when the Riders had the lions pinned on the one and 3 consecutive run plays that Harris made and they are out of danger, on the Harris td in the first half a missed tackle and he ran through at least two more defenders without breaking a sweat. That is signs of both poor tackling and there were others. After the 2nd half kick off and return was it one or two plays and an easy score. Defense looked like they didn't give a damn. Yes Dressler did not have his best game but he was about the best receiver on the field. It may have been only one blown coverage by Maze but again he got burned and to be honest I think there were a couple more but Lulay accuracy was off so not as glaring.

I agree Hollins did look good and Carter did an all right job. Oh this was a team loss for sure the defense played better but once again it was not good enough to get the W on either side of the ball.

Still though not one turnover by the d and yes Glenn was more then lucky on at least 3 or 4 passes that they were not picked. It didn't seem he had any velocity on the ball at times, the glaring one was the out to Getz on the sidelines that was almost picked, the ball took forever to get there and more floated out. I thought that one was going the other way for sure as Glenn stared at Getz for about 3 steamboats before even throwing to him. Glenn needs to start looking at film and get out of taking so many risks. Sure it looks good when completed and is called a pin point throw but when its picked then its called a dumb pass.

The injury bug is killing this team and its ability to gel. Nothing can be done about that though. It would be nice to have the same line up in two games in a row unless its a coaching change instead of an injury one.

how can a pass interference call , turn into pass interference, from what I see they could have just as easily called offensive pass interference ???? or am I nuts

Yes that one was debatable for sure but then we got a break on the Glenn fumble so that kind of evens it out as far as calls go.

Just watched the Chamblin post game interview and he handled it about as honestly as you could. Think he knows though in the back of his mind if things don't turn around in the next game or two he may be unemployed.

Don't know if there was anything he could have changed in this game to have made a difference. He has been dealt a bad hand with all the injuries and even he didn't use that as an excuse but said the players filling in need to get the job done. That is the harsh truth of the matter. He did look pretty down though during the interview but put on a pretty good brave face to the media.

At least he didn't pull a Kavis. :lol:

well it has nothing to do with chamblin, he's a damned good coach, if the riders are stupid enough to blame him then we deserve what we get, everyone seems to be forgetting here , that DURANT is out again, although glenn is an adequate back up , i think with Durant in there we are doing way better , if it was up to me i would extend cory's contract for 3 more years and put all this rubbish to bed

Whoa, whoa, whoa boy. It isn't Glenn that is allowing offences to run our D ragged. Glenn right now is performing at a much higher level than what DD has done in years and isn't even close to being what is the problem with this team. Glenn can spread the ball around and uses all his assets, unlike DD who tends to zone in on a receiver over and over again (not to mention telegraph his passes while walking up for the snap).

CC is the problem, no questions about it. He has made some really dumb calls this year and apparently cannot get his D in order.

Well lets be totally honest Ed having Durant in may have given us a better chance of winning this game but the offense has done its part up to now. Glenn has made some mistakes and one real costly one in the Argo game but to say that Durant is immune to throwing a pick isn't reality either. So while I wish Durant was not injured for many reasons and not the least of those being for himself but Glenn has done enough to win us at least 3 games.

The only thing Chamblin is on the hook for is he has come flat out and stated he is running the defense and up to this last game while yes a few starters were down the main core group of guys were still in. Those guys have not gotten the job done no matter how you paint it. Now we suffered another couple of injuries not only to the defense but to the offense too. Look at Ryan Smith when he was in and how much he contributed to the team, this was a big blow as having him and Dressler as a threat really allowed the ball to be spread around and defenses had to cover more then just one key guy. That said in the game against the Lions in BC the offense was clicking pretty darn good minus a few boneheaded penalties against the O line that took points off the board.

The defense has certainly improved but even in his interview he said there are momentary lapses that lead to major scoring drives. That as he also mentioned is what needs to be tightened up and he was referring to both sides of the ball, and I agree 100% . He went on to say that no one on the team including himself is blameless and again that is the truth.

Lol yes Cory has missed tackles, passes, thrown picks, and caused all the injuries. Man he is far more versatile then anyone I have ever known. Oh and Glenn is notorious for telegraphing his passes at times and he has the picks to prove it.

Somewhere between these two opinions is the truth. Although I thought though Deanjo that Taj Smith was the real villain in your mind. Funny to see him battle so hard after catching that ball and breaking a few tackles.

There is no one single problem. Anyone who thinks that there is one facet of this team that is above criticism is a fool.

The defense is not there yet, but has taken huge strides since weeks 1 and 2. The coverage is miles better than it was even 2 weeks ago. The tackling is much better. Had it's rough moments in the first quarter but buckled down really well after that. That is a team that has adjusted like it's supposed to. Biting on the play action last night was indeed embarrassing tho.

The offense leads the league in net yards but has to be near the bottom in points per yard. What's the point in racking up 500 yards of net offense if you can't score 30 points? The offense has not score 30 points in regulation yet. They light it up and can't score. To say that the offense is blameless is pure hogwash.

Coaches are not blameless. Way too fancy in short yardage, that's on JC. It wasted a lot of time down on the 1 with a minute to go. Fancy playcalling killed the clock down there. Riders get the ball 300 seconds before half deep in their own end. I'm ok with the first down handoff but not sure about the shotgun. They get 11 yards on the play, bonus! Excellent. Now you can kneel. No, 2 more handoffs out of the shotgun and of course Allen fumbles ... This one I would put on CC, it would be his call whether to kneel or let JC call a play. These are dumb decisions, yes. But other than those 2 incidents, the playcalling last nite was good.

They are close in every area. And as much as I'm getting sick of saying that they're so close, the truth remains that they are that close in all these areas. No one facet stands out as a beacon of strength (maybe the run game) nor a glaring weakness (maybe Connop at DT) but all areas are just a little bit off.

This team needs to stick together, rise above AS A TEAM, coaches, offense defense special teams. Don't get frustrated. Stay loose, stay focused, be a pro. When your name is called, make your play. That's all that's left to do.