July 16 Transactions

The Saskatchewan Roughriders today announced the release of the following players:

International running back Hugh Charles
International linebacker Adrian Moten
International defensive lineman Richard Sumlin

Charles - making room potentially for Will Ford, and don't need International Charles when you have National Messam who will be up to speed now. What a mess!!!!

Sumlin - a bit surprised, but not. He did very well last year, but it is clear they like the new faces more.

Moten - I pray this means Ivy is coming back!

Man this running back situation is getting to be the joke of the CFL. Charles didn't get time to unpack. One and done. No soup for you. I have to think it was more then the one fumble and him missing a few key blocks was not helping his situation. Still the other guys must be thinking it could be me next. Not a good vibe in riderville right now that's for sure.

yup...the players have apparently been having player only meetings

Mind sharing where you got that info? If it's true I would sure like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. Chamblin facing a bit of a mutiny? Really hope not but again as I said earlier this whole situation is getting to be a joke,just one I don't think anyone is finding too funny. Morale is probably at such a low right now not seen since three seasons ago when gramps was in charge.
So early in the season and to be going through this kind of mess is not good. The only positive is if they can survive it then they should be all the stronger down the stretch. The problem is of course will it matter by that time.

I thought it to be a cheap move on the Riders to not only bring in Hugh and Jerome without even giving that Toston a chance.He seemed to be a beast in the pre season and hasn't seen game action since


I know the D had one first a couple days ago. Tearrius George called all of the D in, then asked the media to leave and shut the door.

Well if the defense also had a players only meeting I will take that as a positive. I'm also glad someone is taking a leadership role and hopefully getting everyone on the same page or at least trying to. I have to say that I would love to know who on the offensive side called for the same thing. I'm hoping it was Durant but as long as it was some veteran taking the initiative then that would be good too. Maybe its time for the players to look in the mirror and start holding themselves accountable instead of making the coach do it.
I'm going to give this a positive spin and say when the guys get back to practice the feeling of entitlement will be gone and they know if they want to hoist the cup again they have to earn it like the rest of the teams. Time to sober up from the Grey Cup hangover.

What's with the RB shuffle? I know Charles had the fumble, but his rushing average against BC was pretty good.

I haven't been able to watch any games this season, but you have to think with the core group of vets still left on this team they should be able to turn it around. It sounds like the team is going through som growing pains which is understandable given the key positions they had to fill. The bye week came at a good time to figure stuff out.

This running back carousel is definitely making me question Chamblin's methods. Also does this on-going folly bring into question the coaching ability of Avon Coburnne? We better get this sorted out soon because these 2 losses which appear as a blip on the time-line of an 18 game season could very well balloon into a season of regret.

I highly doubt he got the axe because of one fumble. Missed blocks and blown assignments probably had far more to do with It then anything. The fumble was just that, one fumble, and yes it cost them the lead. Still all backs fumble so no way doing it just once is it going to cost you your job.

We all hoped the adage import Rb's are a dime a dozen would hold true..........but not so fast in our case?

I am questioning Chamblain's handling of the RB's........but I will be clear I am simply questioning, I don't think the handling is all that off the wall.

Hugh Charles is a 5 yr vet. I did not like us bringing in Hugh because I don't prefer his style? I would rather he had not played...........but he got to play.

He fumbled. He isn't a rookie. And he fumbled and turned the field over and cost 3 crucial points.

He also dropped a TD pass. Sure you can question why DD passed that ball so high allowing Adam Bighill to close and knock it free? But, it was a catchable pass and if he manages the ball, it would have been caught, TD instead of FG. Again, Hugh Charles ain't a rookie.

Allan........I'd like to see him back. Aside from the fumbles he has looked pretty good and I think as he gains experience he'll get better. I would like to see him hit some holes faster but it is what it is.

Messam - Huge dude. I am sure George is configuring how he gets built in.

Will Ford - Who knows........showup and prove you should be a returner or RB? Prove it, get us 120 yards and run some people over.

But I don't think the coaches handling of this is all that offside. I am glad Charles is gone because I would have brought him in in the first place! Allan..............needs more touches and development.

I'm on the minority here but I don't entirely disagree how the last 2 weeks have gone????

Like I said in another post...the 2 biggest areas of concern (RBs and LBs) have new coaches...coincidence...perhaps. Hall took care of LBs last year, and Dyce has had RBs, so they should be maybe watching a little closer for a bit. Not saying these are the issues...way too early to say, but it is something to watch I agree.

Better now than mid-season I guess. The sky is not falling , but we all got pretty big headed after crushing Ticats in week one, and did not realize that that game was an aberration. we all, self included , expected it to be the norm.

Team has work to do,, rest of league is gunning for us as last years champs.. we just need to keep the chit together,, as a team, and as fans.. and concentrate on winning, one game at a time .. as CC preaches