July 13-14 Quarterback Camp taught by Damon Allen


I would like to extend my personal invitation to all CFL fans to register for my upcoming Quarterback Academy 2-day camp, July 13 and 14, in Vaughan, Ontario.

About the QB Camp
The camp consists of 2 days of intensive quarterback-focused training, providing students with the skills and strategies necessary to lay the foundation of becoming the CFL heroes of tomorrow. I teach all of the Quarterback Academy courses.

Official Damon Allen QB Academy gear, including a jersey and football, are provided to each of the students. Lunch, snacks and beverages are included for both days.

Cost: July 13-14: $349.00 per student
Location: Vaughan, Ontario


About the Academy
At the Damon Allen Quarterback Academy, each individual has the opportunity to become a success story through the support of dedicated and experienced professionals. Our programs are taught in small classes with one-on-one training sessions and an intense training schedule. The controlled student/teacher ratio ensures that each individual is given the proper attention and support required.

Whether the goal is to obtain an athletic scholarship, reach the professional level, or gain elite quarterback experience, The Damon Allen Quarterback Academy is committed to developing our students and preparing them for future success.

For more info, please contact Kim Gardner: http://www.twitter.com/damonallen9


Hey there Grandpa, considering a comeback ? :smiley:

Not the real Damon Allen...but in the off chance you are, come back to Toronto! You won't be any worse than Lemon.

LOL thanks guys. Hit me up on Twitter sometime.


Good luck with your QB camp Damon, sounds like a great opportunity for up & coming QB's. Your registration fee is very reasonable as well. Oh yeah, thanks for the 23 years, you made the CFL a better game. Although you never played for my Stamps you were fun to watch.


Thank you


Thanks for staying involved in growing the game, Damon. You were a pleasure to watch on the field and remain a class act off it.

It's great to see a Hall of Famer reaching out to teach others some of his secrets to success. Good luck to you and all those who sign up! It should sell out.

Good luck with your QB school Mr Allen and thanks for extending a hand to Canadian kids who dare to dream :thup:

Wow it's really him! Calling the next Russ Jackson ... :slight_smile:

Hey Damon any spots available for a 44 year old retired Pee-wee QB my old practice jersey doesn't fit anymore but my Cleats are still packed in a box in the Basement I'll get my Wife to retreve them . On a serious note any chance your Camp will expand out west? My son would love to get an opportunity to attend.

Hey guys

Thank you all for your support!!!!!

To oiler rocker - LOL, get those cleats out!

we have a camp coming to the Calgary area in August, would love to meet your son and have him attend. The camp runs 13th-15th of August. the 13th is for youth under 13, the 14th and 15th 2-day camp is for 13+.

Here is the link to register: http://damonallen.ca/officialsite/register.htm or you can send Kim an email and she'll take care of you, her email is www.facebook.com/damonallen9 or send me a message on Twitter - it's @damonallen9

Thank you and remember to Be Great

Hey Damon,

Man I wish I was still a kid... :slight_smile: Will you be in Moncton for the Esks vs Argos game? If I knew you'd be there I'd bring my early '90s Damon Allen Ottawa Rough Rider card for you to sign. The '04 Grey Cup at Frank Clair is still on of my fav Grey Cups... 8)

No kidding.

At 38 though looking younger at 6-0 202 and fit if I were in Calgary in August I'd just show up as a big kid for this camp I think. No CFL or other league prospect here for QB, but where else could I get better basics to improve my recreational game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Before you laugh at me I bet some other big kids show up including at least one oversized actual 15 year old for that matter. :lol: