July 12th Blackout ?

Who thinks the July 12th game will be the blackout game, and why?

I think the game will be blacked out because management said it was going to be blacked out earlier in the year.

the team said one in july and one in august i think. july 12 and aug 7 will be the two blacked out I think. They used to not ever black out friday night football on tsn, it was a rule and if it still is then those are the only dates that fit.

Blacking out CFL games is a little old skool thinking. I understand that each team chooses to black out or not but we are living in a different world today.

If you put a decent product on the field, you will get fans. They should not black this game out because if they do well, they can black out the jul 25th game instead.

What happens if we sell out the black out game? Will they lift the black out? Is that still the rule?

The CFL is a gate driven league. Blacking out a game is a two sided coin and I'm not sure what side I am on. I am a season ticket holder but it doesn't bother me. What do fairweather fans think? We don't know, cuz I don't think there are any fairweather fans on this site.

I've read or heard somewhere that Saskatchewan is usually a low draw in Hamilton.

Would the blackout occur on TSN-HD aswell? I dont see how TSN could pull that off since its a subsciption channel.

Right, beet, TSN spent years building CFL attendance
by marketing Friday Night as the night for CFL Football.

They wouldn’t want part of their double-header blacked out,

and Thursday, a weekday, is the likely choice anyways

because weekday games are normally not as well attended.

With their 2-0 start, Rider fans will be rolling eastward on Greyhounds when they read that... :lol:

I hope the game is not blacked out because I have to work. I would like to record it and watch it later,

Don't they usually replay the game in the wee hours of the morning? Just don't be in touch with anyone on anything broadcast wise during the game.. :thup: :thup:

I think the blackout is only lifted if we sell out and although I wish we could sell out I really dont think it will happen.

A little like in this movie? :wink:


Even if it is you can watch it later on tsn.ca

who is affected by the blackout? everyone, or just residents of hamilton?

anyone within a 56km radius of the stadium. In the 50's and 60's it was a 75 mile radius of the home city so we get off lucky these days!

it better not be! im in port elgan this weekend andi better be able to watch it or ill be right pist

Dude....isn't Port Elgin like over two hours away? It's past Owen Sound.

No way the game will be blacked out there.

That’s because the blackout radius referred to over-the-air TV stations (CBC, CTV) whose transmitters were within 75 miles of the stadium. That way viewers in the home city couldn’t pick the game up via antenna.
But with TSN the blackout can be controlled by the cable and satellite companies more precisely so the radius doesn’t have to be as wide.

The radius for blacked out CBC games was still 75 miles last year.

The effect is basically the same. If you were 50 miles from the stadium for a CBC game, you could still see the game if there was a CBC affiliate an additional 50 miles away. That’s why we could see blacked out games from Toronto on CBC London.

they've gotten smart and started blocking out other region's broadcasts... on digital cable anyway...

(tried watching the jays game on sportsnet west and it was completely blacked out)

but that has to do with MLB regulations.

It was chch that caused the 75 mile over the air blackout rule. The ticats played the argos at varsity stadium and they blamed lower attendance on chch for showing the game and that is what did it.
Great story on the entire broadcast tv history of the cfl here:

[url=http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/sportsonradioandtv/CFL_The_TV_Years.html]http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/spor ... Years.html[/url]