July 10th @ BC

Ryan Smith is out

Oh...and may not see any Smiths starting

The only positive i see from that is that Taj wont be starting... ( im not a fan of his )

I really don't expect to see him around much longer.

Changes to 46-man roster from last week
ON: 9 Demski, 10 Miller*, 42 Kanya, 87 Carroll
OFF: 2 Smith*, 19 Milo, 43 Regimbald, 84 Haidara,

I assume Kanya is a not on the 44...just inked...

Taj caught some big time touchdowns that won us games in the past. Just curious, why not a fan of Taj?

Because he is laaaaaaaazy, getting up there in years, a distraction for the team and has dropped a ton as well (if he even bothers trying).

On depth charts Taj is starting... sighhhhh :roll:

I'd rather see them call up Cary Koch, ask him to play with no practice than to see Taj on the field.

I have my beefs with Taj, but he is still a good receiver. My desire to see the club improve in that area is not a reflection of disdain or anything. He makes some big plays and has pretty reliable hands…also a pretty solid blocker.

This is a VERY fair assessment:

This is nothing but hot air:

Taj is a rare talent because he has a complete skill set. He has basically every dimension except size. Although hardly small, he's just not 6'3 220.

He has legit deep threat wheels and can catch over the shoulder without breaking stride. This is obvious.

He has good hands. Bagg has dropped more than Taj over the past couple of years and no one (myself included) ever says that Bagg doesn't have high quality hands. Does he have Don Narcisse hands? I would have to say no, but the assertion that he 'dropped a ton' is complete bull.

He is never afraid to make tough catches on short routes in traffic and take hits. He's a go to guy in 2nd and medium in that regard. To say that you question his work ethic would be one thing, but a 'laaaaaaaazy' receiver would not make tough catches in traffic risking hits like that. An awful lot of those a's will need to be removed from that statement before I would stop laughing at that comment.

As most Rider receivers have been in recent seasons, Taj is a strong downfield blocker. Again not a sign of laziness.

Taj is 32, this is true. So is Getzlaf. Dressler and Bagg are both 30. Jamel is 33. SJ Green is 30. Stamps is 34. Fantuz is 32. Austin Collie is 30. Maurice Price is 30. Adarius Bowman turns 30 today. So Taj is 32. So what?

Taj WAS a distraction, very briefly last year. His off field problems have not been mentioned once since last September. That is how distantly far off the radar they are. He is nowhere near a distraction today, nor has he been since returning to the lineup last September. And to put the whole issue to bed, Taman is on record that if he gets into one more incident of trouble, he is gone - and I agree with this - so he won't be a distraction ever again.

Another thing that I do not remember seeing anyone mention before but I have noticed on many occasions, Taj and Darian have synergy. They share a wavelength. Durant likes throwing his way. He trusts Taj to bring the ball down, especially the big play.

Depop has claimed that the pick-6 against Toronto was at least 50% Taj's fault. I respect that argument but disagree. If Taj was expected to come back to the ball, why did Glenn not aim the pass at his feet, as by the time that Taj had backtracked 5 to 10 yards it would have hit him in the numbers? Glenn had TONS of time on that play, so much that Taj was effectively his last ditch leisurely checkdown in the flat. He had a clear awareness of the presence of the defender in a position to break on that ball (or at least should have had), yet STILL committed the cardinal sin of throwing to the flat with a close defender's back to his own goal line, ready to pounce on a free meal. Now this does not mean that Taj still did not need to come back to his QB. I am by no means absolving Taj completely (and never have). I merely assert that Glenn - a 15 year vet - never should have thrown that pass in the first place, and certainly not right at Taj where he stood. The turnover happened the moment the ball left Glenn's hand. That pick-6 was at least 75% on Glenn. At LEAST.

Deanjo claims that not only was the pick-6 100% Taj's fault but the loss of the game was also 100% Taj's fault. This claim is so preposterous that it completely disintegrates any shred of credibility Deanjo may have otherwise had on any of his opinions regarding the game of football, so I won't waste anyone's time breaking it down or debunking it.

Deanjo's penchant for rhetoric is so completely over the top that he can't help himself to make stuff up from thin air to support his claims.

What do I think of Taj's work ethic? There may be some issue there but on game day I do not see evidence to support an obvious glaring problem. But unlike Deanjo, I am not prepared to give an uninformed opinion. I would feel much more comfortable to see him in practice before I start tossing labels like 'lazy player' around. Remember, Taj EARNED his spot on this team in 2012 when TJ Harris and Greg Carr thought that showing up and making a couple of plays would be enough to stick. When Taj plays on game day, he generally plays quite well as evidenced most recently in Week 1 against the Bombers.

Remember he lines up exclusively at wideout. Wideouts get less looks being the farthest from the QB and generally have lower numbers than slots. Still, in 2013 he was a 1000 yard receiver at WIDEOUT on a team that was loaded with weapons and spread the touches around. He did that by using all of his well rounded skills. He still has all of those skills. It is hard to find all of those skills in one guy. If they cut him, He WILL get picked up somewhere else. It would not be surprising to see him catch the winning long bomb TD from Drew Willy on Labour Day. Would Alex Pierchalski be able to do that? Not nearly so likely. Not even close. And this is by no means a knock on Alex P, just an observation of the fact that Alex (or a player like him) as highly regarded as he is, does not have the complete skill set that Taj does and is not expected by anyone to be a significant contributor to anyone's offense at this time.

he never threw at his feet because his backtracking would only have been about 2 yards (which would have blocked out the zone defenders)...Taj planted and took 1/2 a step back towards him and then stopped...total lack of awareness of the situation...a brain fart. I am not saying you cut a guy over something like that...but it is footage to learn from...for him and the whole team. If that had been a 2-3 second play planting was fine. Glenn's responsibility in it is in that Taj was moving to the sideline when he turned his way...on that long of a pass in zone after that many streamboats that is begging for trouble...as I said, always been an issue for Glenn...that needs to be 20 feet out of bounds in that situation....so, Glenn probably shouldn't have thrown it, but it was still entirely a makeable play with the pass thrown.

Taj rubbed me wrong in his first pre season game as a rookie. it was the last play of the game and he was in the endzone and he literally stopped...plain stopped moving and put his hands on his hips and he was the guy being looked at for the pass when he had piles of open area and was being looked at. That has stuck with him for a lot of people.

Some seem to think Taj is lazy...I think he learned his lesson from that day. Matt D (as a Rider comparison) often had the same rap from people...there are just certain strides that look lazy that are not...they are deceiving. There are several spots I would like to see upgraded before Taj would be a primary focus. My biggest thing was this...I felt that if they wanted to play JR (which I am fine with) that they needed to get younger with another receiver and Taj is in the top 10 for older players on the team. Perhaps they have a few years more youth in Wilson and Roosevelt, but havent seen them play...I like both of them though. If one of those guys sticks....problem solved...but they are also not spring chickens themselves...Roosevelt is 28, Wilson 25 this season (so not as bad)...as internationals they need to be starting by 25/26 or gone unfortunately.

I can't agree that Taj is lazy and I will refer to the play that he got injured last year. A nothing point in the game and he is thrown a suicide pass that may have gained all of 5 yards yet instead of saying to hell with it he took the chance and made the catch and paid the price. That to me isn't a sign of being lazy. While the whole off field issue last year made me upset with him I don't hold that against him as a player. If he keeps his nose clean then its all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. As depop mentioned there are far more pressing issues then replacing Taj.

Yes it would be good to work a younger guy into the rotation as we will need to fill his spot probably in a couple of seasons for sure but until he starts showing he can not play or be competitive in the position I don't see why repacing him should be a top priority of the team.

As for the pick in the last game yes Taj could have maybe helped break up the pick but its on Glenn for even taking such a high risk chance especially when it took so long for him to decide on throwing it. That pass was begging for trouble and had no business being thrown especially by a guy that is not a rookie. Glenn knows the CFL and any error in a pass like that is 95% of the time going to end up in your own end zone.

Demski is not playing

Have you been to every training camp session for the last 5 years?

Do you watch EVERY game a minimum of 5 years for at least 4 times?

Do you watch and edit every single game at 1/2 speed?

Do you keep a personal log and record your own stats that are outside of the norm such as passes thrown to, give ups, blocks and comebacks?

Hell you cannot even tell a trip (such as in Fort Mac) and a dive for the ball.

Taj is lazy, unless it is in the American League strike zone, he will not put effort into catching it 90% of the time.

Taj is good on broken plays and pure speed routes where he is wide open. He has hands, sometimes, are good when it is a pass thrown in his strike zone, but will more times than not fight for the ball.

All right I guess its safe to say you don't like Taj. That's your opinion and your entitled to it but until Smith gets back I can't see Taj going anywhere so how about we see how things play out in that time and let it go at that.

No I am not a Taj fan, for good reason, his numbers do not support it, his ethic does not support it. He is like sooo many big play guys. Makes a great play every once and a while and people ignore the costly mistakes (I use that term loosely) that he makes on a regular basis.

again in your opinion you don't like him for good reasons, again your entitled to it however its like beating a dead horse and like him or not what you I or anyone think of a player is not going to have an effect on whether the team decides to keep him or not, play him or not, etc. If it did then I would have to question the coaching staff and how effective they are at doing their job.

I personally didn't want Tino brought back and still think it was a waste but he is here and there is nothing I can do about it. As long as he is part of the team I will cheer him on if he plays.

Opinion, backed up by stats. There is reason why he is number 2 before the injury to the other better Smith.

I personally didn't want Tino brought back and still think it was a waste but he is here and there is nothing I can do about it. As long as he is part of the team I will cheer him on if he plays.
Tino is a short term, if all else fails, worst case scenario signing ( again another player I said didn't have it to begin with but gave him the benefit of the doubt). Everyone got caught up in his pedigree and not his skills. Our true skilled QB backup was inked this week. Give him a few weeks and Tino is gone.

Good thing the Riders can hold an 11 point lead with less than three minutes left in the game NOT. This team should be ashamed of themselves. Three weeks in a row.