July 10 Tiger-Cats vs Stampeders Postgame Thread

Please keep all general discussion about today's Tiger-Cats/Stampeders game within this thread.

I would have liked to see the offense stay on, throw a 10 yard hook to stala and have him try to pooch the ball through the endzone. Its too bad, the team fought hard. Incorporating Thigpen in the offense more and more is a must.

Missed opportunities. That's what this was about for us.

The missed field goals. The Mann fumble. And what happened on pass on 3rd and 1 from their 1. Several points being left on the board. I remember the word "FINISH" being on shirts worn by members of the team at training camp, and finish was exactly what they did not do.

The team did appear to be much better than they were last week. They were good enough to get the opportunities, but they not get as many points as they could have and should have got after them.

Yes, there were positives. Thigpen immediately comes to mind as we saw that he doesn't seem to have Tony Akins Syndrome after all. And the offensive line seemed to look better at pass protection. Too bad holes could not be opened for Cobb, leading to him getting nowhere too many times. At least his number was called, perhaps leading to a more opened-up passing game. Bruce, Stala, and McDaniel continue to be reliable, and even James caught what was thrown to him.

Special teams did well, with exception to Sandro, and perhaps Palardy after he angled a punt out of bounds at their 30. The blocked punt by Barker was where he redeemed himself for bad penalty, and he did make a TD saving tackle (after a missed FG.) And speaking of penalties, what if JJ did not pile on on last CGY drive?

McIntyre seemed to play well, and that was quite a pick return by Shivers. But there were a few too many missed tackles by the D.

This was a very disappointing loss. But previously, we would have considered it a moral victory. Not anymore. Must win next week vs. Winnipeg.

The turning point for me was when they went for the third down instead of kicking a field goal. Too late in the game for gambles like that.

Nice try Ti-Cats but once again We lose and it always seems we either lose by one or get blown out of a game. I would like for one time to see this team beat another team 50-0 to get some of my lost faith back in this team. Once again it was one player who was carrying the team Thigpen Great job, maybe a few players can learn from this guy???

Also, what is with the BAD CFL Refs again yet another year of bad officiating against the CATS and Refs like Steve Foxcroft always seem to be on the BAD calls, it's okay to call Ti-Cat players for interference or rough play or late hits but not one call against Calgary and there was a ton of missed calls Steve, how much cash did Calgary slip you prior to the game Foxy???

Marcel it's time to get this team hungry for a WIN and stop playing like a bunch of Bums or more like a team hat knows how to win and win each and every game or more fans will be watching games from home I'm sure, if you say we have a team to make us proud how about showing up for each game and lets win a few??

Eat Em Raw Ti-Cats!!!

Glenn and Bellefeuille need to spread the ball around. this zoning on Bruce is hurting this team.
Cobbs needs to put his head down.

Some areas showed great improvement over last week, including Rottier and James. The weak performances today were, IMHO:

  1. Bellefeuille - among other decisions, going for a TD in the 4th QTR. when the sure shot FG would have put the Cats up by two points with the wind at their back and roughly 10 mins. left to play.
  2. Glenn picking up right where left off last week -- more underthrowing and overthrowing
  3. DeAngelis missing 2 FG's

The pass defence needs a little work, and were was Otis, where's our running game, are we still rebuilding. :oops: :oops:

lol just a garbage can thread for whoever wants to vent so that anyone rational can avoid.

I have no concerns regarding this team, we lost a close game that easilly could have been won but whatever, the ref calls passinterference or Sandro makes all 3 of his kicks and we win.

Marcel it's time to get this team hungry for a WIN and stop playing like a bunch of Bums or more like a team hat knows how to win and win each and every game or more fans will be watching games from home I'm sure, if you say we have a team to make us proud how about showing up for each game and lets win a few??

Eat Em Raw Ti-Cats!!!
I agree the coach needs to tell the players to start winning , and stop giving the players that kindergarden preschool speach go out there and have fun guys win or LOSE.

I must admit after Tafralis tried to punch it in and got stuffed, down by a point in the 4th quarter, the call to go for it with Glenn and throw the ball and not kick a field goal was, well, surprising to me to say the least. I was shaking my head before they snapped the ball....for a few reasons. IMO you get the lead and kick the field goal, and if you have no confidence in your O line that you are going to throw the ball....well not good...

Yes, it was good to see the improvement from Rottier and James. The O line was better at pass protection, though Glenn did get pressured a few times. The one sack came as a result of a pump fake by Glenn with no time left to pass after that. Glenn's deep passes continue to not look accurate, but he did well other than that. he went 26/34 for 356 passing yards and had TD pass. That's what I have to say about the QB topic that inevitably comes up after every game. I'll also say that having Porter in on 2nd and short might be good call. We converted each time he was on on those, did we not?

And here are the receiving stats:

A. BRUCE 7 104 0 44
D. STALA 7 53 0 12
M. MCDANIEL 6 86 0 37
D. JAMES 3 65 0 35
M. MANN 2 15 0 8
M. THIGPEN 1 33 1 33

We do have a good rec. corps, as you can see here. They looked reliable, with exception to the Mann fumble. He still has to prove that giving up Thompson for him was worth it.

Cobb gained only 37 yards on 13 carries. Maybe he'd have gained more yards if Glenn passed to him. It worked for Thiggy.

Some numbers here looked good as you see. But that does not matter much when you can't finish the job. It seems the closer offence gets to endzone, the more likely the team is to screw up.

Drexl: You HAVE to be kidding. The rational should avoid what YOU just posted.
Read the main post-game thread to see what you missed.

I have to ask ,who decided to send Trafalis in on second down and goal on the one yard line?

What a poor play that turned out to be.

Then KG. comes in and throws a nice pass to Bruce in the end zone …why wasn’t that the call for second down ?

Coaching…or out coached

Quite frankly this team still stinks. True...they played better than last week but after last week...there was nowhere to go but up. The play calling is atrocious, the secondary is soft and the coaching is questionable.

Why zone in on Arland? Sandro is proving no better than Setta (other than his birth certificate), the pass rush was there in the first half but after the Stamps made the half time adjustments....zip. If it were not for alot of dropped passes by the Stamps....this game wouldn't have been so close.

And come on....three cracks at a yard or two and you can't make it? That's pathetic. Sorry guys....but I saw better playing and more potential from the Argos and the Bombers. And unless the Cats pick it up even more...they WILL be in the bottom of the EAST and overall.

Was not Bellefeuille or Marshall’s finest hour that’s for sure.

Kind of have to disagree with the decision on 3rd and goal and fans thinking why didnt they kick a field goal?? it was a good choice by the coach. There was still lots of time left on the clock..the worse case scenario was calgary would get the ball on the 2 yard line in which they did. The big difference was the inability of hamilton needing to stop calgary with approx 1.40 min left. They had there chance to stop them and get the ball back(after all its CFL) and try again.
All in all a tough loss but they had chances though

I guess I will give my 2 cents and get it off my chest..

  1. Where does the CFL hire their refs? Anyone of us fans could have played defense against our Cats with these refs today. All we would have to do is tackle, hold, or push our man when the ball is on its way and presto! man covered without a flag even leaving the refs pocket!

  2. What was up with the most accurate kicker in CFL history? It seems like every "star" we bring in ends up not working out here.

  3. I don't even want to discuss the decision to pass for the TD at the end of our drive.. We all know what should have been done there. In our coaches defense, the refs beat us on that play too..

Well I feel a bit better now, thank you everyone for listening.. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

nightcrawler: the problem with calling a play action pass on third and down on the one yard line is that you give the defence way too much time to react.
The fact that there was lots of time left on the clock did not matter...the priority should have been to play the percentages and SCORE. A field goal would have been a higher percentage play....bringing in the big guys and ramming the ball down the middle would also have been a higher percentage play.