July 10 Depth Chart

Does anyone have any idea why Arland Bruce is listed 3rd on the Depth Chart?

I’ve seen this type of thing many times before (an obvious ‘starter’ listed as 2nd or 3rd), but I’m not sure why it’s done.

For one thing, the diagram is laid out with 4 receivers and a fullback position

We use 5 receivers the majority of the time, Slide Arland in as a 5th starter.


Forget about who is listed as #1 or #2 on the depth chart,

The depth chart is not intended to educate the opposition.

Do we actually know exactly why it’s done this way?

I guess this is the first depth chart you have looked at since Bruce came to Hamilton. He has been listed in the same place since he became a Ticat and he plays every down offensively.

I’ve been looking at depth charts for a lot longer than that, and I’m fully aware they list him in the same place.

My question simply was and is: Anyone know why they do it this way?

I am hapy to see that Mcintyre is finally listed as a DT as we need him in there every down without taking out long or hickman .

I guess they are ging beveridge and rottier another shot with Barker and Ramsey waiting in the wings .

Still think they need an american olineman to hofd the forte until jiminez returns
also they might need an extra back in there to help blocking

Mann playing should open space for Bruce ..

I hope the playbook is a BIT BETTER this week .

Must be a ratio thing.

I'm shocked Rottier is listed at RT. I truly expected to see an import signing this week. No disrespect intended and I sincerely hope he has a long and successful career with the TiCats, but Rottier was not capable of playing that position last week and I doubt much has changed in seven days. I hope I'm wrong. I hope he proves to everyone he can dominate and contribute to a win tomorrow. However, if the Stamps DE blows by him all day tomorrow and we take another beating (especially in our home opener) there will hopefully be a serious discussion between Obie and MB about the head coach position.

Same reason James is ahead of Mann on the depth chart...no reason

It not a true depth chart it done by Pos then Alphabetical order

i agree entirely . This is the year we are to be in flight and nom ore being patient .
As obie said "BETTER IS BETTER " ---- the problem is how many games will we have to lose before we even get an american tackle on the practice roster !!!!! what about SPANOS ?

I can't understand how Beverrridge and Rottier started in the first place and surely can't understand how they can get so dominated and still start again .

the rest of the OLINE is not good enough to make up for a weak link at RT . Gauthier is average but being a canadian tackle is a huge plus for the ratio but they never seem to take advantage of that playing more than the required canadians at starting positions .Nobody can convince me that a canadian starter is better than any american they can bring in .

There are some excpetions like the guy playing slotback in Montreal but he was born in the states anyway and shuldn't be classified as a canadian ...i also would have been hard pressed to find a better clutch possession receiver better than rocky dipietro

I don't know but if keeps eating those Tim Horton Ti-Cat donuts he'll be last on the charts.

The fact that James is shown as a starter, ahead of Mann, indicates that he won’t be the one who sits out to make room for Mann in the 42 dressed. So, in addition to DeWit, Morencie and Wladichuk who were all on Reserve last week, the 4th Reserve guy would have to be Matt Carter (who played well on STs last week), Reid or Kirk, or Mann himself (if he’s not fully healed).

If I was a betting mam I'd say carter will sit out and my 2knd choice is Reid since Mcintyre moved to the DT Spot

i think shivers and james are much better than they showed . beveridge is not and Rottier just needs more tiem at OG to get his feet wet and maybe later move to OT in a few years .

I expect big games from :


One of the positives out of the WPH games was the play of Bolden

Probably becuase Rottier is playing RT and Beverage is Safety As Ron stated - we don't intend to educate the opposition or the fans.

Look a little closer not all are in alphabetical order, my question is why are some highlighted and some are not.ie: Bauman!

Prepare yourself for a lose! It takes MB a few loses before he figures its time to make a change. ie PORTER :thdn:

Did Nik Lewis REALLY say that about Sandro?????

WOW... Bulletin board material!!

Sandro kicks the winning field goal.. with no time on the clock!!

Does anyone know what hotel the Stamps are in?
I could go there with my vuvuzela right now. (it's 2:30am)
I tried asking Nik on twitter earlier but he didn't answer. :smiley:

Sadly, I suspect you may be right. The score flattered us last week. Take Thigpen's two TDs out and that game was a blow out. The bummers lost to the blue team last night who most predict will be the league's doormats this year. If today's game is another blow out because red shirt DEs blow by Rottier this team is in trouble.