Julian Howsare re-signed

Nice. Hope he can rehab his injury from the cheap shot he got in the GC before TC starts.

This is a good signing for the DLine . He’s got a motor . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (le vieux)

This is great news. Hopefully Davis and Wynn are next on the list. Sign both and we’ll have the best d-line in the CFL. :wink:

The same defence that provided absolutely no pressure during Grey Cup…

They played one poor game out of 20 . Try talking to the Ravens’ D or the Texans’ Defence .

Stuff happens to all teams but not many have an 80% win rate . We’re in pretty good shape going into

2020 .

Pat Lynch ( You must have faith , my son )

He was much improved last season

Solid up and coming player. I like to see guys they scouted develop and stick around. He got better playing full time after Tracy’s injury. Definitely good to have if we lose one or both of Davis and Wynn.

Yup. He got 6 sacks which was pretty decent but with that motor he was also able to flush many QBs out their pockets and then pursue them.

He didn’t always get the sack but he caused many errant throws.

Man that’s for sure. 2018 I was not impressed with him at all.

His performance in 2019 changed my mind.

Gotta think that with this signing that we’ve probably seen the last of Tracy in a Ti-Cat uniform . I can’t see the team offering or attempting to even offer him a contract in FA .

I’d say that it’s more than a good bet that neither Tracy or Westerman will be back this season . Between the two of them combined they have to be around the $300,000 range . Also the fact that their ages (Tracy at 33 and Westerman at 35 ) and their past injury histories are against them . One would think and hope that the money saved on these two will go to getting both Davis and Wynn back in the fold next season or hopefully one of them at least .

Gotta hope you are right bobo82 about the extra cash for Davis and Wynn.

Was thinking the same thing about Tracy. Would be tough to see him go, you don’t see many guys esp. Americans play their whole career with one team anymore. He seems to really enjoy the city and the fans. Davis, Wynn, Williams dominoes likely to fall one way or another before decisions get made on some of the older players. Frankie and Wynn have had some NFL workouts and could get big raises elsewhere in the CFL so no guarantees they will be back. I think Ja’Gared Davis played for June Jones in college so probably some pull bringing him here in 2019 that he may not feel for a second contract.

If Tracy doesn’t come back I see him being a decent pickup for another eastern team. Hell, he’s four years younger than John Bowman.

Can’t see Westerman back.

Signing of Howsare doesn’t make me feel like they are confident in signing J’Gared Davis ?

Howsare plays on the other side of the D line, ie where Tracy lines up. Howsare’s signing likely means Tracy’s time in Hamilton is done, not Davis’.

That might be the likely scenario. Tracy had 9 sacks in 2017 but in the last 2 seasons has spent a significant time on the injured list. I suspect him and Westerman will be gone for 2020.

That would be ~$350k for guys like Davis, Wynn, CVZ, etc…