Judging Bo so soon?

Not so sure that it would be smart for the Calgary Stampeders to write off Bo all too soon. There are only 3 and maybe 4 bonafide starters in the league and he is one of them. Collaros, Rourke and maybe that kid in Edmonton, Ford. All the other teams would line up for him, i do believe. 3 losses and he's done? the receivers let him down in Winnipeg. 28 points and we got 3. but maybe Dave shouldnt gamble and take the FG sometimes. he takes those two gambles away for 3pts plus the interception in the end zone from KJ (dropped ball again) where we'd kick a FG, thats a win. And there were points taken off the board on a return. But instead its a starting loss for Bo. More bad coaching in the re-match and another loss for Bo. 40 points wasn't enough to beat BC, and that's the quarterbacks fault? The defence couldn't stop Rourke in the 2nd half. So its a loss for Bo. If a change needs to be made, its coaching for me. Keep everyone but Dave. Don't get me wrong, i love him, but its a results business. Who ultimately has the calls in the GC? outside to buckley and straightforward with Messam? huh? Or, going endzone instead of the safe play vs Toronto? or last year giving away two games early because of the gamble instead taking the points. or the fact that he wastes his challenge flag too early time and time again. Cost the Stamps the game vs the riders last year in the playoffs. Because Calgary did not have that challenge at the start of the second half they could not challenge the rider on-side kick play where they illegally block downfield. they were already called for it previously that year, and against Calgary. that TD to start the 2nd half combined with the big play to end the half by SSK, was the doing in. Bad coaching all the way around. All of that must be Bo's fault too. I am sorry but its too obvious which decision should be made.


Lets be honest here. Aside from Rourke, none if these current QBs could start in 1991. Mitchell is terrible, but Harris is equally as bad. Adams is worse. He is about as good as Macbeth, or Fajardo

Good thing you do not coach! Yes, Mitchell right now is great insurance ot have he is better than many othe Qb's in this league he just needs to concentrate more on what he is doing when pllaying he plays like he is being chased by a heard of alligators he just needs to learn to settle down. I would have him before the others you mentioned. Yes Mitchell is a hall of fame QB but needs to rethink how he plays. Rourke is a rookie and really if the dfenses get to him beofre he throws he will not be as effective. With his injury of course will affect his play no one knows for sure. But Mitchell is a proven QB

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