Judgement Day = Sunday

SSK 28 Mont 22
Cal 38 Edm 30

I picked the same teams hoopster, Saskatchewan just on a hunch, and I think by only three points. Calgary on the other hand, is the hottest team in the league right now, and playing at home they will beat Edmonton by six points.

Montreal and Edmonton in this years GC!!!!!!!!!!!

SSK will end Montreal's reign


No CO team has ever beaten the team they meet in the semis, and it wouldn't happen this season. Maybe sometime in the future, but not this season.

It could...never say never.

GG, I like you, but Montreal has 31 standing points and Ssk has 27 in my standings. In the real standings, the Montreal is 20 and the Riders 18, so Mon is up by at least one game.

That's not good for the Riders, plus the Al's have beaten the Riders 2 times out of 2. in other words, they have beaten the Riders every time they have faced them this season.

Riders have a slim chance at beating the Al's in the Big O this weekend, it's that simple.

KK that is as clear as mud too me!

well if kanga says it it must be true.

I feel so much better now

and I’ve even got solid proof this time. You can’t argue with the facts, believe me, I’ve tried.

This is the CFL. Any team can win on any day against any opponent. I will not be shocked on Sunday, regardless of the outcome of either game.

I have a question, why are both the West and East games on Sunday?

shouldn’t they be spread out a bit, like the East on Saturday and the West on Sunday?

I’m sure that TV rating will be high none the less, but they would be higher if they did it on different days.

I hope my Riders win................but Montreal has owned them the last 5 or 6 years.................it could happen just wouldn't bet my last dollar on it........hard to bet against the Stamps............Burris hot the team is hot.............I think the esk's are toast..............then BC is next.............a Stamps vs Argos final...............Stamps win it all.....................I think..........if I could get my picks right more then 50% of the time I would be rich

Stamps are on a roll at a great time to be on a roll, but I don't think they will win the GC.

Calgary is clearly the hottest team in the league and Edmonton just looks disinterested. I think the Eskies have coaching problems. How can they be so bad with all those great players that they have?

I can tell you, who ever wins this Sunday in the West, will beat BC in the West Final and represent the West in the GC.

You can't tell us that, because you really don't know. If you are saying something like that, try not to make it such an absolute statement, at least say its an opinion or something.

You didn't even go .500 in the VGCC, somehow your predictions don't hold that much merit. Not saying that mine are any better, but then again, I don't go and make absolute statements like that.

KK do not say that ha ha ha say it all you want KK that is your prediction and it probably not to far from the truth.

I agree, either Edmonton or Calgary depending on the outcome of next weekend will beat the lions the following weekend. In the East, I'm leaning towards Montreal beating Sask, but then the winner of that getting beaten by Toronto. Toronto vs. Cal/ or Edmonton in the grey cup, and i think Toronto will win again. second grey cup repeat for Toronto in the last decade.

Yes that is about right Esks123 I hope an Alberta team wins it all.