Judge slams down the gavel!

What a game for Judge Ito. This kid's ready to ship out and go home, gets a call just before he's ready to leave...you're playing on Sunday. I think he did a helluva job today consisdering the pressure on him. :cowboy:

Yeah it was good for him, 2/3 ain't bad but keep that number to yourself.

Judge Ito played a heck of a game and deserves to stick with the Cats. I would not be surprised to see him back with the Cats next year...

HAHAHA yeah I wonder how the refs missed that lol

I bet it's a non-issue and it's being handled internally. :lol:

Ito did an admirable job on short notice. I don't know that Setta has to worry about his job, but the kid did a great job of settling down and getting the job done.

Lol internal issue gotta love it .....The young man stepped up today not game clutching kicks but BIG atmosphere huge implications Good Job Judge ...

You should go to the TSN website and see Marcels post game comments to the team in the dressing room. The players mobbed Ito in the dressing room and so they should. That kid really came through in the clutch. If Nick is seriously hurt, this is more than a one-game concern and the more at-ease he feels, the better the teams chances.Despite his success, please Nick `heal quickly``.

Gotta give him credit...

He was put into simple situations... but performed VERY admirably when asked.

Given the fact that he knows he's not going to unseat Setta... he seems to have a good attitude.

And apparently he was out very early before the game and early again at half time practicing and composing his thoughts.

Can this team afford to keep Setta and Ito. Sure hope so.

Wow for a back up kicker only with the Cats again for one day the kid they call "Judge Ito" did great in a big game and his first filling in for injured Nick Setta.

I hope Nick is okay and can kick next Sunday however maybe Marcel should keep Ito on the roster as insurance and keep Ito as a punter and Setta as Kicker. Ito was a Rock in yesterday's big game and great going to the special teams coach Dave Easly in preparing his young kicker to fill in, also great job Dave on all our special teams players they were pumped!!!


First professional game and at the last minute thrown into arguably the team's biggest regular season game in 5 years.

Wasnt spectacular but steady and competent - exactly what was expected.

Could have let nerves and the braying morons in the bleachers get the bettter of him but he showed considerable poise and inner strength.


I agree with you 100% on the job Ito did yesterday as fill in for Setta. He was amazing on the field goals! But if Setta is healthy I would like to see him in there on Sunday, I believe he would add a few more yards when it comes to punting the ball....
I am soooo pumped for Sunday!!!!

He had a great first game.
It must have been hard for him after getting cut earlier in the week and then coming into this.

Absolutely agree, however you have to give Ito some credit that was a HUGE game to step into to and fill Nick's shoes and add 6 points to the Ti-Cat victory!! Way A GO Kid or "Judge Ito". Hopefully your back next Sunday Nick and you can kick the crap out of BC!!!


I liked the job he did punting, had a nice hangtime, but he did miss that last fg lol

TSN harped on this a bit. I think he deserves credit for recognizing the significance of the opportunity and making the effort to be as prepared as possible.