JSP for Cetoute

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. Explains the release of McKoy. Sort of.

i STILL didnt know we needed receivers.... Aswell are a few olinemen not getting long in tooth and need replacing soon?

im perplexed at this trade

Taman back to his old self :slight_smile: Have fun...

This would have been a good time for O'Day to retire.

i feel for the riders.. tamans gonna come in and destroy what so many built for so long.

its weird to me cuz last i checked cetoute isnt a former bomber so thats weird.

Actually, concensus on the street is that Taman is doing a pretty good job. Might be because of his appreticeship, might be because Miller is overseeing him, who knows? Doesn't mean anyone is saying he is doing a perfect job (whatever that would mean anyways), but only time will tell if this is a good move.

Read on the LP that JSP was traded because the Riders are looking to groom Hutchins to be centre, and Cetoute is a NI Wide receiver (Bagg is the only NI WR on the roster, and we know what happened when he replaced Weston at slot...no production from the WR position).

Trading an O-lineman who has never dressed for a CFL game, thus bringing our number of O-linemen under contract from 14 to 13 ain't exactly earth-shattering.....

I believe it comes down to McKoy -- We were expecting to have him as a stretch guy in the rotation at WR, but he never recovered from his injury. Nicholson didn't have the speed outside ( as we saw last year ), and couldn't beat out Getzlaf / Clermont / Fantuz for an inside position so he became purely a depth guy ( and then got traded to Hamilton for Preache ).

I was complaining in previous years that we didn't trade away our camp-cuts. But with the injuries the past couple years, a lot of the camp-cuts got invited back mid-season. It's a bit of a gamble trading these guys away, but I don't see injuries continuing the way they have.

Trading a backup OL for a backup WR is a non-issue. Just moving depth from here to there.