JR working out again

Only five months after his operation. Jamel is healing well. Looks like he may be ready to go sometime this summer :rockin:


J'aime beaucoup Richardson et espère qu'il peut nous revenir avec sa bonne huneur, son enthousiasme et ses performances électrisantes.

Cela dit, je trouve qu'après une telle blessure, ce serait-là revenir très vite dans le ring. Je demeure persuadé que Whitaker est revenu trop tôt la saison dernière, ce qui a contribué sa nouvelle blessure. Je crains que la même chose arriverait à Richardson s'il devait revenir trop tôt.

C'est une très vilaine blessure et une opération sérieuse qu'il a subies; je ne crois pas qu'il devrait jouer à quitte ou double avec son genou en début de saison.

I really hope he gets healthy but doubt very much that he will be back in any meaningful way. Montreal has to introduce some speed into that receiving corps. Carter helps but the addition of Stala keeps this this the slowest receiving group in the league by far. And I believe Carter will be NFL bound very soon and is not a long term player in Canada.

Montreal is going old school. Pound the ball on the ground and run a lot of play action. It is not a bad plan. CFL is a rock,paper,scissor league.

Hope you like it if that is indeed the plan.

That’s the way it was with Ham and Pringle and they won a GC with that team before leaving Baltimore. Most teams have gone lighter, quicker on defense. So going with a power game on offense isn’t a bad idea. Better than what they did last season and try to run a Trestenstein offense without Calvillo… With Calvillo gone. Popp said they want to invest in the defense and we will have to run a simpler offense until a QB steps up to All Star leve. It is not by choice :wink:

Where and when did Popp say that?

Guys like Ted Laurent and Vaughn Martin don't come cheap. :wink:

So you are saying...that because you believe Montreal is going after those guys you are saying Popp that Popp has stated your innuendo?
Maybe more truthful to state you believe that these are his intentions rather than to say that is what he stated?

I don't know that they are going after anyone. I was trying to be funny. As for what Popp said. Google it. I'm sure you will find it. Might have to google for French media articles as well.

Now, now, Hf, you know the drill here, we've been over this many many times.

It is not slant's job to "google it". . . if you make a claim, you back it up and don't tell someone else to do it for you.

I don't have to provide sources for every post I make and I won't. I do when I create a thread as I am reading an article for Als fans but I'm not going to go search newspaper archives for Slant he's free to take the info or reject it.

Well, HF, here's what you said:

So, if you are asserting that Popp said something, it's your responsibility to provide a link to prove it and not slant's job nor mine to "google it." Simple really, and it's always been that way around here. If you recall about a year ago we ran off that CFLvsNFL guy for making claims without providing any links by way of backup. Then of course there's our old buddy McMahon. . .

Why do I have to PROVE it ??? This is a discussion forum, its not a court or an exam. As an individual you can decide how much credence to give information. Why should I take 15 to 30 minutes to go dig where I read or heard the information ? Slant going to pay me ? So your mileage may vary enjoy the journey.

Well, if you want folks to believe that Popp said what you say he said. . . as opposed to perhaps their believing you made it up. . . that is the risk you run.

I value my time a lot more than what Slant thinks of my credibility.

The one who's talking through his hat is Slant. Green, Carter and Richardson are top five in the league in YAC and Bruce while not what he use to be is still in the top 20. Every team in the league would kill to have these four guys as their top four receivers.

Jim Popp says you misquoted him. :lol:

Do you have a source ? :lol:

I do . . . I heard it from this guy down the street, his cousin happens to work with a guy who knows a guy who told him he heard it from McMahon. . . :lol: