Jovon Johnson

Arash Madani has tweeted that Jovon Johnson has an NFL try-out scheduled in early 2012. JJ is one of the few players who still has an option year window since he signed his last extension before the new CBA was signed.

.....Good luck to Jovon....He might have a shot but at 28 and counting nfl shoppers look like t.c. fodder to me ...Can't say as i blame him for trying ..He is a very important cog in the Bomber D ..Hate to see him go when we are finally putting together a Grey Cup winner :roll: but whatever

Given that the new NFL CBA doesn't allow for anything more than chicken scratch (yes even by CFL standards) for signing bonuses for players like JJ I can't see him signing with any team unless it's for some serious money and he knows he has a legitimate chance.

...agree blueblood....that new CBA is going to throw a monkey wrench into a lot of musings of CFL players going south... NO more big signing bonuses...If i were Johnsons agent i would try to get the best long term deal Mack would offer...guarantee a future here and forget the la la land down south,.... :wink:

It's hard to say what Jovo's chances are going to be. You have the new CBA as already mentioned but that may not be a deterrent. For a lot of players they have grown up dreaming of the NFL so the allure of making it will play a factor. For Jovo, in the past his chances of making a team in the NFL would have been bolstered by his ability to return kicks rather than his ability as a CB alone. Then again with the new kickoff rules in the NFL that were put in place this season to "curb violent plays" or however it was they put it, plus fair catches, some teams may not be investing much in return men anymore and it could limit his opportunities.

....Dreams can sometimes get altered, when one considers a strong future and the amount of cash in ones bank account :wink: