Jovon Extended

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The reigning Defensive player of the year is staying in Winnipeg for the foreseeable future.


...The guy is a talent and is a huge asset to the team...I just couldn't see him leaving after this season...The Bombers luv this guy too much and i really think the feeling is mutual... no matter how some negatives in the media tried to play it..Great signing :thup: :thup:

Great signing. Glad he’s going to be back for at least another 2 years.

Nice, wonder how JJ feels about the moves Mack is making now???

You don't think all the commotion in social media prompted Mack to start being proactive ? I don't think it is a coincidence. Between the tweets, Labatte leaving, Stadium being late and Brown retiring. I'm pretty sure Mack got a call and was told to get some things done to get some positive headlines. was that 'call' somewhere in between the Poblah and Watson signing , securing a pretty decent kicker in Wilbur, or making a steal of a deal for Willis :lol:

No, I think he has his agenda and moves to it.

You trade one alstar, and then on the heels, extend another, that's how you get the focus on what you want and not what the media wants.

Mack is pretty slick at timing moves.