Jovan Olafyoye?

Les rumeurs persistent à son sujet, mais je me demande bien quel joueur les Alouettes pourraient céder pour transiger. Le premier nom qui me vient à l'esprit est Bear Woods.

Premièrement, Woods commande un bon salaire. C'est donc une façon de minimiser l'impact de celui d'Olafyoye. Deuxièmement, Jared Koster a impressionné l'an dernier et il pourrait être dans la même position que Woods l'était à son arrivée à Montréal. Plus jeune, moins cher, l'équipe pourrait décider d'opérer la transition à sa position. Troisièmement, les Lions ont perdu les services de Bighill et un gars comme Woods pourrait leur permettre de garder l'efficacité de leur excellent contingent de secondeurs.

Ce serait triste dans une certaine mesure, mais il me semble un joueur qui pourrait satisfaire à plusieurs enjeux d'une telle transaction. Non que je souhaite le départ de Woods, au contraire, mais on peut envisager qu'il représenterait une valeur à la mesure de celle que les Alouettes veulent avoir.

PS. J'ai écrit cette rubrique parce que je suis un peu mal à l'aise avec la catégorie fourre-tout "discussion 2017". À force de tout y inclure, on finit par entremêler trop de fils de sujets différents. Une pluralité de rubriques permet de mieux regrouper les conversations et les poursuivre. Mais, ce n'est que mon opinion.

Selon ce qui est/a été écrit/dit par des journalistes, les Lions de BC veulent se départir de Olafioye à cause de son salaire élevé; je comprendrais mal qu'on veuille obtenir Bear Woods quant celui si gagne autant -à moins que son salaire ait été réduit- sinon plus que Olafioye; deuxièmement, Bear Woods est un secondeur intérieur et BC n'en n'a pas de besoin,car ils ont Eliminian; d'après moi, ils devraient être plus intéressés à un joueur comme Koster, qui peut jouer comme secondeur extérieur.

Strictement au point de vue monétaire il y aurait une certaine logique, même si un grand risque, de se départir de Woods et donner la chance à Koster ou Plésius.


Until we know who Wally is after.... Its all speculation.

One guys says no way its Adams, you don't think it makes sense its Woods.

Its very possible this deal never materializes. Obviously an agent or a GM leaked this to the press for a reason. From my perspective it would be logical for Jovan's agent to feel out other GM's to see what his client would be worth on the market and it would be to the advantage of any of these GM who would like a crack at Jovan to make this deal as difficult as possible. All you need is a dupe in the media :slight_smile:

Woods is probably Montreal's best player. Doubt they'd want to trade him.

But he "can't" feel out other teams without the Lions permission.
But it is as you said all speculation; Wally may just be using it as leverage to re-work the co0ntract and stay with the Lions.

Farhan Lalji from earlier today:

Talks between Alouettes, Lions, and Jovan Olafioye are ongoing. Kavis Reed says they've done their homework & are hopeful, but nothing imminent.

....Kavis is very wise to tread carefully when dealing with that ol fox Wally...For some reason he always ends up on the winning end of deals...I hope Reed doesn't over pay for a guy it appears 'could' be released anyway...Seems odd nothing has been done since this was announced a few weeks ago...Someone getting cold feet maybe????

By getting Foucault for Jovan this would allow Wally to target other positions in the draft. This is a deep class at Dline and linebacker. Wally is going to make out like a bandit with two first round picks and three in the top 15 picks. That's going to give him at least 4 good young Canadians.

Probably waiting until after the National CFL Combine to make the deal. Perhaps there are draft picks involved. So, Wally Buono just wants to see what is possible with the Als pick acquired in this trade (along with Foucault) before pulling the trigger.

I am just kidding, or maybe not.

C'est probablement dans la poche puisque les LCF a publié un message sur le sujet sur Twitter. Quand la ligue relaye ce genre d'avant-nouvelle, c'est que la nouvelle s'en vient.

(Si je savais comment relayer le lien ici, je le ferais.)

Revenant à cette option, je me demande quel partant serait en cause? Blake? Cox? Johnson? Bowman? Lewis? Woods?

Rick Dhaliwal? @DhaliwalSports 28m28 minutes ago
Hearing #BCLions would get a starter and neg list player from Als for Olafioye if he gets new contract from Montreal.

Rick Dhaliwal? @DhaliwalSports 35m35 minutes ago
Hearing if Olafioye can't agree to terms with Alleouttes, there are 1-2 other teams interested in trading for him.

Rick Dhaliwal? @DhaliwalSports 37m37 minutes ago
Only thing holding up #BCLions trading OL Jovan Olafioye to Alleouttes is Olafioye getting new contract from Als.

CFL News? @CFL_News 32m32 minutes ago
Two main bidders for David Foucalt are #BCLions & the #Riders according to @JdeMontreal. #CFL #AlsMTL

I believe Foucault would be labeled as a draft choice rather than a neg list player. So if that is correct, Foucault would be the starter Rick Dhaliwal? is talking about.

Didier Orméjuste posted that the trade would be Jovan Olafioye + player in exchange for David Foucault + player.

Vernon Adams and David Foucon
Sask: for Derrick Dennis + ???? Gaydosh, Henoc , Demski, Baggs , 1st rounder

BC: Jovan Olafioyle + ????

Has to be a Canadian coming back in that trade. At this point I'm not feeling very optimistic at all. Reed is in over his head with Wally and Murphy.

I feel like this is going to be that “move too many” that Kavis makes that really hurts the team. Absolutely no need for this deal to happen IMO if it’s going to cost us this much. Let’s keep Foucault’s neg rights and watch him waste years 29-31 trying to play hardball with no leverage. And go with the line we have. Why did we trade for Simmons and cut Perrett if we have this little confidence in the group we’ve assembled?

When the Als and David Foucault failed to reach an agreement before free agency, the Als decided it was time to move on. Kavis Reed and Jacques Chapdelaine said the plan was to start 2 imports at tackle. The Als then proceeded to change the ratio to make that happen.

Even if he did sign, Foucault probably believes that the Als have predetermined that he is a reserve which is why they are only offering him a backup money. Foucault likely thinks he will at least have a chance to become a starter and be paid like one in BC.

Going along with Foucault to BC? Since one rumor stated "neg list", so I am thinking somebody like Dakota Prukop (if he is still on the list) as a possibility rather than Vernon Adams. Coming back to the Als? I could see a backup non-import receiver.

Of course "cost" is all speculative, and since there are apparently other pieces on each side ... ?????????
I often have that same reaction, but Reed's mandate is to improve the team and if DF is not going to sign, or wants too much for an unproven player, then while letting DF sit is tempting it isn't helping the team; which of course will all depend on the exact trade and whether DF can develop into a legit CFL starter.
You kind of answered your question, they don't feel the line was sufficient with what they had, so Perret goes (no real surprise I think to either of us). As for Simmons they grabbed what was available, not knowing that JO would come into play.

I think Wally is going to fleece poor Kavis hard.

Farhan Lalji?Verified account
#BCLions are confident they'll be able to get Foucault signed. Deal pending #Als approval of Olafioye's med records. Other pieces involved