Jovan Olafioye Back With the Leos

Kind of confused by this, I wonder what medical issues they are talking about? :?

It could be one of: a bulging disk in his back? irregular heartbeat?...dangerously high cholesterol levels?...or perhaps a loose knee? Any of which could preclude him from passing his NFL physical. But it couldn't be that bad as the Lions took him back...

Could it be a failed drug test ?

I highly doubt that happened. If a player did fail one under these circumstances I think it would have been announced by the NFL and both the NFL and CFL would take action because of it (the CFL drug policy recognizes drug test failures from other leagues).

Unless the drug test was not a league test, but a team test during a physical.. and he tested positive for a recreational drug and not a performance enhancing drug.

If it was not a league test, it would not be announced by the NFL.. and since the CFL has no ban on rec. drugs and he was released and not suspended, there would be no action taken by the CFL.

Of course we can only speculate what the "undisclosed medical issue" is, but a positive test for a rec. drug fits. If it were a serious medical issue that would compromise his ability to play, the Lions probably wouldn't pick up the option. If it were just a hurt knee or something that would probably heal up soon enough, the Rams wouldn't let him go or he'd try one of the other 13 teams that gave him a workout. So it's something that is preventing him from playing in the NFL but not the CFL. There are not many things that fall into that category, but a recreational drug is one of the few "medical issues" that does.

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L.U. reports that it's a possible heart issue. So we can scratch the drug theory.

Weird situation, they released him under medical grounds but never gave him any kind of physical…

I'm glad he's back with the Lions but it sounds like it is for a very bad reason. I hope he will be ok.