Journey to Grey Cup, Top 50 Players and TSN Preview Show

Monday, June 25 at 7 p.m. ET on TSN and TSN Mobile TV

Monday, June 25 at 7:30 p.m. ET on TSN and TSN Mobile TV

Monday, June 25 at 8 p.m. ET live on TSN and TSN Mobile TV

One week till some CFL Football!

Thanks for the heads up!

I really hope they replay these at a more west coast-friendly time.

thanks :thup: I will be watching

Had my pvr set to record these since last week! TSN did a great job with these last year so I'm really looking forward to watching em. Especially because the Journey to the Cup is about my Leos!

Last year I predicted that Lulay would be top 5 this year. I anticipate him and AC will 1 and 2.

Cold cloudy day here ,percect for some CFL tv.

they're missing one show!..

breaking bones: fall to the basement.. (The Riders story) :lol: :?

tonight's the night :thup:

Shame I am working, hopefully my recorder will work this time...

It will be replayed on TSN !

GREAT :thup: : IT IS NOW A DONE DEAL : TSN :cowboy:

The 100th GREY CUP , in Toronto , is completely SOLD OUT :rockin:

Didn't some people say [write] that it couldn't be done in Toronto because no one in Southern Ontario cared about it.

Thank you to ALL of the CFL fans across Canada [and the U.S.] who bought G.C. tickets :thup:

thats about how it was done, most likely

That is how it's done every GREY CUP. :wink: You almost sound disappointed. :wink:

70% of all tickets sold came from , Southern Ontario. I am sure a lot of tickets sold for the 2011 G.C. were bought from people out in Western Canada.

Now they can say it's sold out. But until all the tickets have been paid for, don't try saying it's sold out.

I fully expected it to sell out, and I'm happy to hear that it's official today. THat's why I bought as many as I did. Who's got tickets, who needs tickets? Looking forward to a profitable Grey Cup.

I wonder how many of those tickets have been bought by scumbag scalpers.

It's just business, Carlito.

its assinine business by people who only care about number one and try to take advantage of others.

I so love it when scalpers lose money.

What part of the term SOLD OUT don't you get? :roll:

Even the Superbowl has people like you selling tickets , as do all major sporting events across the planet.
Every single concert has people like you selling tickets.

If you check any ticket broker site , G.C. , tickets are very expensive indeed just like they were for the 2011 Grey Cup.

I agree 100% :thup:

However , if you look at some of these bogus G.C. ticket sites , the tickets are very expensive indeed just like they were for the 2011 G.C.. :thdn:

These people lost tons of money on the Bills in Toronto games. :lol:

Enjoyed the preview show, watched half of it but taped it so will watch more of it tonight and the top 50 players as well. Getting me stoked for the season to commence! :thup:

You do know that you just admitted on a public forum run by the league that you are planning on committing a crime, a crime that the league probably frowns upon, right?