Josue starts at Middle Line Backer tomorrow....

What a huge challenge for Josue.
I think he'll be up for it though.

here's today's Spec article:

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Oh great our defence doesnt look very strong ....

No Brooks , Goss , Cody .....

Forcast for tomorrow is rain,so middle linebackers will see alot of running plays on slippery field!

Huge challenge ,but I bet Josue is up for it,we'll see.

Shaw returns to action I heard,thats a big plus .

Man we've knocked out three QB's this year.
Damon Allen;Kevin Glenn and Sask's 2nd QB last week.Wow we're kickin butt on defence eh? :thup:

On the brightside Rob Hitchcock Will get some plays at Safety :smiley:, and plus I think Renard Cox will move to MLB and replace Josue pretty fast, I dont think Steve is up for the challenge but then again i could be wrong.

Josue's never played the position before. It takes several years to groom a linebacker to play the middle. That fact plus all the other injuries on D add up to yet another long day for the Cats.

An Argo fan

thanks for the vote of confidence Barney…but sadly I have to agree…the future will be brighter!

Can't get much darker.