Jospeh and Kellet take weekly honours

Ottawa Renegades lead week two honours with Kerry Joseph and Matt Kellett named atop their respective categories.

That’s awesome news, they both played a BIG role in the come from behind win against the Al’s. If they can do the same thing this week against BC, we might have a chance.

Congrats to them both. They absolutely deserve it.

Wow the CFL aknowledging something good coming out of Ottawa…

Impressive. (sarcasm)

Great to see. If they upset the Leos it will turn a lot of heads fore sure. Can they do it? Nahhh. Like the Gades, but love the Lions. Actually, I have to say that if we are to lose to any team I would rather it were Ottawa. :wink:

Thanks, i guess.

WELL deserved…

I think the Renegades will surprise some people and I said that prior to the season starting. Now I am even more sure because I like their solid receivers, running game and Kerry Joseph. The defence and offence will gel and a team is born. The Gades will soon enough be the beast of the east and no one will be laughing anymore.

No doubt, awesome job by both, and hopfully soon they will lead Ottawa to Grey cup Gorly!!!

An ARGO got defensive player of the week…too.

KK…isn’t Grey Cup Gorly some past player legend?