Joshua Boden Charged With Murder

This guy has a rap sheet as long as my arm (36" sleeve, btw).

Really talented junior player though, showed tons of CFL promise, mentored by Mark Washington and Paris Jackson, but even they couldn’t get through to him. Such a waste of talent.

A real shame - Wally and others in the Lions organization have a real compassion for athletes that perhaps could use a pro career as a step in the right direction for their lives. Boden messed-up, got cut, and messed-up again; with extreme consequences for himself and those closest to him.

Exactly. What a waste

The problem is, they tried to give the kid a break and it didn’t work out. But every time his name is in the papers - and it’s happening a lot - “ex-BC Lions receiver” comes right after it. ::slight_smile:

some call it that he messed up…no call it what it is …murder… there is a huge difference…sadly not the first pro athlete that has been on the extreme end of the wrong side of the law.

Great news for the victims family

I meant the murder is terrible news.
Very well said. Badnews for sure to all! The untouchable hero who can do it all is a myth!!

As of tonight it was official
He has been convicted

Seriously though... am I the only person who is baffled at HOW LONG this took?
2009 murder
2018 arrest
2021 convicted (but he pleads guilty, so no trial or anything)

What exactly has court been doing in past 3+ years???

Even his sex assault charges took forever
(Again 3 years to convict him of 2 random attacks on the SkyTrain in Vancouver after he was arrested)

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What a complete waste of life by Josh Boden.

Great physical talent but absolutely no brain at all.

Sadly, this is the CFL’s equivalent to the NFL’s Aaron Hernandez debacle.

Lawrence Phillips....