Josh Ranek

Does anyone know how he is doing? will he be ready for the game in winnipeg?

Last report I read said yes. Maas should be ready too.

Are they completely 100% healthy? I don't know.

Last report from CH sports is Josh Ranek is healthy and will start.
Jason Maas is still hurting but will PROBABLY start on Friday.
Again Ron Lancaster said it would be a game time decision.

i think eakin will get the nod friday just to be safe, i think ron is that typa guy

I would like to see Eakin start he is a good QB and I feel will be our future

Did you watch the last game? If he's our future, we've got as much chance to succeed as Canada would in an attempt to beat America in a war.

So, warcraft, you would feel good about mailing in another loss to the Blue Bombers? Why don't you suggest we forfiet the game and take the weekend off? It will have the same result...

i dont think starting eakin is mailing in a loss any more that it is if we start mass. it dossnt matter who we have back there our o line is the worst in the league and the bombers have the best d line in the league. it wont even be funny how many sacks there guanna get

When was the last time Maas was SHUT OUT?!? If Coach Lancaster makes the decision to start Eakin and we win, then I’ll be happy FOR THE WIN, not because it’s Eakin. I can’t see it happening though…

I think the game time decision will be witch QB do you want to get killed. :lol:

Well said weedman. Spoken from the heart but probably true.

Rumour has it that a deal to bring Danny Mac is in the works and should be finalized by game time.

that wouldnt suprize me

It does not matter who starts, though I believe Maas will do better because he has far more experience then Eakin does. Until the oline somehow improves and we get a new offensive game plan we are facing a Mount Everest uphill battle each and every game.

getting Wayne Smith back would be huge for us...

and then theres the whole Hudson bit...
(should probably be center)

and then the Kauhani bit....

and then of course the Paopao bit too...

too many bits if you ask me...

So this thread can be locked now? LMAO

Football is a team game. If your line is crap, you could have Jim Brown and you are toast. A healthier Ranek running behind good line play and with good gameplanning, this is the kind of performance we can aspire to.

Oski Wee Wee,